6 thoughts on “How To Ruin The Moment”

  1. Well here we go again. Another prediction. First it was Gerry La Tortue that got it wrong for game two. And now this.
    Clearly, Gerry La Tortue and the guy who gave you this little Stanley Cup don’t know Jack Schitt.
    How’s he doing by the way?

  2. Thanks for asking, Danno. Schitt’s not doing well. He’s freaked out by Gaston. So am I.

  3. A little joke while we wait for game three:

    Q – What did the pucks say to Tim Thomas?

    A – Hang in there Tim, we’re all behind you!

  4. Hey Dennis,Well finally got the net back but am really happy with the outcome of those two games so far.The Habs are smothering the Bruins so far and I like it.I guess you could say it is kinda like putting up a fence around the garbage dump to keep the bears out.I love how coool the Habs are playing,no retaliation penalties works really well.I wore my Habs socks,shirt necklace and ring the last two games,kinda supersticious eh.

  5. Derry, if Montreal keeps winning and you keep wearing that stuff, your lady won’t want to get near you.

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