8 thoughts on “How To Quell The Brewing Storm”

  1. On second thought I should have pasted Scotty’s face over the other guy as well. That way we can be assured of a Cup win and everyone can relax. Only we would know the truth.

    I’m going to miss a part of the game tonight due to a crappy holiday supper I have to attend. Thankfully RDS has “Express” so I can see how badly we lose tonight. 🙁

  2. I love it Darth and Dennis!

    It gives Cunney that kick-ass look.

    And nobody would dare make fun of him with that mean-looking bodyguard beside him.

  3. Danno, I racked my brain last night looking at Carriere, trying to think of someone who resembled him. You’re absolutely right – Lou Grant. Thanks!

  4. Blunden in the photo looks a bit like Brendan Gallagher too bad he can’t play as well as the kid can……

  5. Gallagher would be a breath of fresh air right now, Martin. A win, and looking good while winning, would also be a breath of fresh air.

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