How the Boys Did In October. Kyle Chipchura Will Not Win The Scoring Race

October may have been a fine month for leaves turning and retirees bombing around in motorhomes, but it wasn’t so hot for many of the Montreal Canadiens in the 14 games played in the month.  Some were fine, though. But some, not so fine.

The Little Big Three of Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta sit in the top five of Habs point-getters, which is no surprise. Cammalleri possesses a nicely-balanced six goals and seven assists, which sees him tied with Tomas Plekanec, who has an imbalanced three goals and ten assists.

I didn’t even realize Plekanec was creeping quickly up the leader board until Phil in China pointed it out. But it would be nice to see him score a bit more. Am I being too fussy?

Scott Gomez has two goals and seven assists for nine points, so he also needs to pick up the goal-scoring, same as Plekanec.

And there’s a nice little touch, a little story unfolding. Glen Metropolit, because he’s such a character player, a solid worker, has seen all his great qualities pay off with him tied with the final Little Big Three, Brian Gionta. Metro has two goals and six assists, and Gionta has it all evened-out with four goals and four assists.

Travis Moen is another who has delivered. Moen, through hard work and tough play, has himself four goals and three assists for seven points.

After Moen, three defencemen fall into line. Roman Hamrlik – four goals and two assists; Paul Mara with zero goals but five assists, and Jaroslav Spacek has one goal and four assists.

After this, things go from average to mediocre; Andrei Kostitsyn, who is expected to be a sharpshooter, has a dismal one goal and three assists; The same for Maxim Lapierre; Max Pacioretty has one goal and two assists, and Guillaume Latendresse has only two goals and zero assists. Zero assists is pretty lousy.

Matt D’Agostini, who was thought to have reasonably soft hands, has a dreadful one goal and zero assists. This is even worse than Latendresse.

And bringing up the rear is Kyle Chipchura with zero goals and zero assists for zero points in twelve games. Chipchura has only one way to go and that’s up.

Honourable mention to Marc-Andre Bergeron, who came in late, and has tallied two goals and one assist in just seven games. That’s better than several guys who’ve played the full month.

And Josh Gorges has a respectable one goal and two assists. Georges Laraque, on the other hand, has one pathetic assist in eight games.

So there you have. A bunch of players have to get going. And without even looking here, I already know this isn’t the greatest offensive team just yet. Because I’ve got a bunch of Habs in my pool and I’m sitting third last.

5 thoughts on “How the Boys Did In October. Kyle Chipchura Will Not Win The Scoring Race”

  1. Hey Dennis;We all know that an assist is as good as a goal,sme players don’t score at all,aka.Rick Green ,Jaques LapariereI thinbk that given some time these guys will break out and get back into it

  2. Hmm….hard to say were this team is going and where it will end up. AK46 better get his act together and soon. We still have very little production from the second line. Martin must be tearing his hair out trying to get Pleky a decent winger. Thank God there is some scoring coming from surprising places, (Moen, Metro) but we can’t expect that all the time.

    Dennis, would you give Sergei another shot with his bro or package the two of them off?

  3. Moey, I’d give Sergei another shot. There’s several hundred players in the league who would love to have his skills. But his head been twisted on wrong. Andrei – he was the one who was supposed to be the normal one, but he’s stopped playing. You know what? On second thought, trade their asses right out of there. Hope you had a great trip, Moey.

  4. It’s true, an assist is just as good. But when you have just one or two goals and no assists, that’s not so good.

  5. Dennis,

    Thanks, I had a great vacation but not long enough. Back to the salt mines. I wonder if AK46 will ever come back from his vacations?

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