How Sweet It Is!

Years ago Orillia had two pool halls, the Top Hat and Dino’s.

The Top Hat was a dark, dingy, filthy, smelly hole full of non-desirables who spit and fought and blew snot out their noses. Dino’s was new, bright, with beautiful tables, and it was a fine place to go and play pool after skipping school. And on weekends, Dino’s was the source to find all the good parties in town.

Just a nice place, unlike the cave-like Top Hat.

The Philadelphia Flyers are the Top Hat. An unlikeable herd of greaseballs with thugs with names like Powe and Shelley. Even players who can actually play, like Scott Hartnell and Mike Richards, might as well have worn black leather jackets and swung chains. And the whining from these dudes reminds me of my kids when they were about six and had to go to bed before they wanted to.

Gawd I wish we had another Larry Robinson to make these guys get down on their knees and plead for mercy.

Try as these Flyers may to intimidate and disturb and live up to the reputation of their forefathers, the ridiculous Broad Street Bullies, all they are are players who manage to hurt and push around and attempt to be the toughest kid on the block.

But they still have to play hockey, and sometimes their sleeziness backfires. Like tonight, as Carey Price and the boys shut’em down 3-0, never backed away from the rough stuff, buried their chances, and continue their merry way up the ladder to success.

A week ago analysts said it was going to be tough-going for the Habs after playing far too many weaker teams to begin the season. Now wait, the experts said, the Habs have to face the formidable Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, and Philadelphia Flyers. Just watch them fall back to earth with a thud.

How wrong they were. The Canadiens beat the Canucks 2-0, the Bruins 3-1, and the Flyers 3-0. And throw in the Carolina Hurricanes for good measure, a team we pounded 7-2. ‘Nuff said. And this shutout tonight against the Flyers comes directly after Andrei Markov goes down for the count.

Just a fine display, although the Canadiens were outshot 41-28 by the greasy swines. Power play goals by Mike Cammalleri and Brian Gionta nailed the coffin shut. Tomas Plekanec also scored and skated miles. Maxim Lapierre showed jam by taking on the low-life Powe and although he didn’t exactly win, he won in my book.

Travis Moen played a fine and aggressive game and also provided tidbits of offence. Gionta, along with his power play goal also had two assists. And PK Subban was all over the place and it’s only six more months or so before he’s announced as Rookie of the Year.

If the Habs meet up again with these greasers in the Conference final as they did last year, things will be different.

Random Notes:

Scary moment when Jeff Halpern hit the boards, his helmet came off, and his head hit the ice as he toppled over. He seemed to be alert as he was led off and here’s hoping all’s well. It doesn’t surprise me when one or two guys get hurt playing the Flyers, who, by the way, have tremendously ugly uniforms.

Carey Price – I am as dust under your feet.

Next up – Thursday, when Sergei Kostitsyn and his Nashville Predators come to town.

17 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is!”

  1. I realize that when I think the Habs will lose, they win. I’m not one for superstition, but I like being pleasantly surprised when I’m wrong in these cases.

    I think I guessed that there’d be misconducts being handed out and sure enough, we got ’em. I just hope that our penalties don’t cost us.

    Bittersweet reunion for the the K-bros. Let’s hope Andrei doesn’t go soft on ’em.

    And I have to say, after Markov’s injury I’m approaching games with so much worry about our players getting injured. We can win 10 straight, but if we lose our big guys in the process then is it worth it in the long run?

  2. It’s true, Habby, we sure don’t need any more injuries. For a minute or two I thought Gorges might be, and I haven’t heard yet about Halpern. But just an excellent win and I can’t think of a better team to beat than those Flyers.

  3. Dennis, this was an excellent fast-paced and exciting game for almost two periods where both teams played hockey the way it was meant to be played.

    But when the Flyers realized they were going to lose, out came the ugly stuff.

    Why is it that the Flyers get a free pass when it comes to cheap shots and hits that are designed to injure like the ones on Jeff Halpern, PK Subban and Josh Gorges?

    Recent revelations indicate that there is a big problem with the NHL trying to influence referees in how they determine penalties.
    Could the e-mails sent by Colin Campbell be the tip of the iceberg of a much wider NHL officiating scandal?

    All I know is the thugery that went on and on last night tainted the game and sent a message that the NHL promotes goon-style hockey.
    This kind of garbage has got to stop for the sake of the game’s integrity.
    But does Garry Bettman even care enough about the game’s credibility that suffers with this mindless hackery?

    Probably not. He’s more interested in making a quick buck by selling roller-derby style stunt hockey in the southern states.
    And that’s a disgrace.

    In the meantime, the Habs would do well to pick up a big, mean, psycho of a player to take care of business next time we meet these dirty clowns.
    We beat them clean. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a little “insurance” just in case, especially if we meet these sore losers again in the playoffs.

    Thursday we meet the Preds and Saturday it’s the Leafs — both at home. Then Monday it’s back to meet the Philandering Liars in their own barn for the grudge match.

    Stay tuned for more fun and adventure…

  4. Good stuff Danno, I knew a little about the Colin Campbell thing but now, after reading these articles, I’m much more interested. And it’s the first time I’ve seen so many people disagree with Eric Duhatchek. I’m with you, I’d love to see the Habs have a real tough, mean player to police these games. Big George didn’t do it. And Travis Moen isn’t big or mean enough. It’s something the Habs miss in their lineup. I expect the Flyers to be even bigger assholes next game and we just have to hope none of our guys get hurt.

  5. Were I to view last night’s result through the prism of cheese, then what we expected to be hard cheese, very mature with a pronounced bite, turned out to be soft, easily spreadable, cream cheese. And possibly not even the full fat version at that.

    Who’d have thought it?

    Looking forward to seeing the game on replay. Judging by the third period penalties it threatened to get a bit out of hand.

    Thinking about Monday’s game I’m reminded of what the midwife was heard to say to Mrs Hartnell back in ’82.

    “This could get very ugly”.

  6. Ah, seeing Danno’s e-mail and your reply, Dennis, I see that maybe my view is a bit flippant. It has already got ugly. They are so predictable.

  7. People are finally busting out of their slumps!
    It’s just a damn shame to see Halpern get hit like that, I hope he’s okay.
    And how about Price, I’d make some elaborate metaphor consisting of a caterpillar bursting out of its cocoon, but it’s really late at night right now, and I’m too tired to think of one.

  8. Dennis, what this team needs a good man like Larry Robinson.

    I’ve posted this video before, but I never get tired of it…

  9. DK, you forgot Fagans pool hall. Remember just two doors down from Dino’s. you had go down a narrow set of stairs were you found only four tables. It’s where the big bets were laid down! Glad to see the boy’s did’nt back down last night a great effort by all. Price is really impressing me he seems to have his mojo back!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  10. Good news Dennis — it was reported in the Gazette today that Josh Gorges and Jeff Halpern will take the day off today (known as a therapy day) while the team practices, and that Jacques Martin will have them in the lineup on Thursday against the Preds.

  11. That’s great news, Danno. I’m a little concerned about injuries next time the boys play the greasers.

  12. Bluebayou, Philadelphia’s such a despicable team. A shutout over this bunch of neanderthals is such a beautiful thing. But they’ll come out with sticks high next week. We need a giant enforcer who can play. It’s what we’re missing.

  13. yes but we have the instigator penalty, a penalty which is used by this bettmancolinion regime to control the outcome of situations to further the dream of sunbelt stanley cups and hoserless hockey towns which render the inforcer who can play well useless in an inforcer capacity. don’t worry boys, we’ll control the violence as we see fit. we shall take fighting out so the players can not police the situation themselves and allow dirty stick work, blindside hits etc. and dole out punishment as we see fit to fullfill our vision and retain total control……….. otherwise an giant enforcer who can play is a great idea.

  14. one of the reasons i put my money on price in last summers goalie sweepstakes is because i thought he was better equiped to handle tough teams like philly, who we need to beat. he won’t be pushed around and as long as he is on his game it’s a good thing.

  15. I with you hobo on Price’s size. I thought Halak got intimidated when Philly crashed his net.
    Sad but true, after Gill, the next biggest players on the team are Auld and Price. Hmm, how is Auld at hitting and fighting? Are there any rules preventing a backup goalie from removing his pads, taking a shift as a regular player and pounding the shit out of a Powe or Shelley?

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