How Many Pages?

Even though Gary Buttman has guided the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg, it doesn’t mean he’s thrilled about it. But maybe while he’s in Vancouver he’ll see the passion of Canadian hockey fans. Witness – the Vancouver Province today has 56 pages of hockey coverage.

Fifty-six freaking pages of hockey.

Would Phoenix, for example, have 56 pages of hockey news if the Coyotes were in the finals? Two pages maybe. One probably.

Maybe Vancouver in the finals will wake the Buttman up.

3 thoughts on “How Many Pages?”

  1. It’s possible Phoenix had 56 pages of hockey news this year. Isn’t that the same thing?

    The Butt Half Man has already started trying to scare Winnipeg into paying one of the highest average ticket prices in the league. If not enough money is raised in the next two weeks, he’s threatening to veto the sale. After all Canadian teams aren’t eligible for revenue sharing like the teams in the big hockey hotbed cities like Atlanta and Nashville. Someone has to pay the bills in Phoenix.

  2. Buttman doesn’t care. But more importantly, Van won!!!!

    And yay for one more year of Gill!

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