How Hockey’s Hottest 16-Year Old Is Groomed For Stardom

From Maclean’s magazine, February 20, 1965. Sixteen year old Bobby Orr playing for the Oshawa Generals. That’s Peter Mahovlich wearing number 20 for the Hamilton Red Wings. The caption under the photo asks the question; “Has Boston Captured the NHL’s Next Superstar?”

In the article, when asked if the publicity bothered him, the young Orr replied, “I try not to read about myself. So many people have told me not to get a swelled head that I’m I’m scared to read the stuff.”




5 thoughts on “How Hockey’s Hottest 16-Year Old Is Groomed For Stardom”

  1. Speaking of the Little M, he’s in the `Where Are They Now’ feature this week. He has this to say about the supposedly intimidating Montreal media: “… I loved the coverage the team received, …”. Yeah, pressure is good to `cup winners’!

  2. Yeah, Pete loved the limelight. And imagine the difference between playing in Montreal and playing in a place like Phoenix, where you walk down the street and no one notices. I’d prefer playing Montreal, just because it’s hockey country. In Vegas I asked the girl at this popular sports bar if they were going to show any hockey games and she said not a chance because no one cares about hockey.

  3. Every year we hear of the next Bobby Orr.

    I was there. I saw him from Oshawa to the NHL Hall of Fame induction. He has no peer. I wish he did. I would love to witness what I saw all over again.

    Imagine a MLB Pitcher winning 35 games in a season. Then imagine that same player winning the Triple Crown in Batting, same year.

    Now you have an idea what we got to see from Orr.

    Impossible ? So were Orr’s plus/minus numbers for a game, season and career average.

    He was that good.

  4. Thanks for that, Matt. Orr was the best in my book too. I saw him play in an exhibition game in Bracebridge when he was about 16 or 17 and he dominated against senior hockey players.

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