How Do You Spell Relief? A-L-E-X A-U-L-D


Carey Price, sporting his nice hat, didn’t play tonight as Alex Auld took over net duties. Also in photo, Joel Bouchard describes the big perch he almost caught while ice fishing at Lake Temiskaming. (Thanks to my TV screen for photo)

In a perfect world, the Canadiens wouldn’t spot the other team a goal or two before storming back to win. In fact, in a perfect world, the Habs would clobber everybody 5-0. But such luxury is hardly ever the case. Anyway, who cares how they win? Sort of.

Tonight, after the visiting Florida Panthers opened the scoring, goals by Jeff Halpern, Tomas Plekanec, and Brian Gionta were enough, and Montreal gains two more big points on their way to the playoff rock concert as they beat the Floridians 3-2.

And they did it with Alex Auld in net!

What a bonus to see Carey Price get a big rest and Auld come in and play a really fine game. Auld, who doesn’t remind anyone of Ken Dryden except for his size, stopped 33 of 35 Panthers’ shots, many of the difficult type, and came through when the team and the rest of us needed him to. Thank you, Alex. I have a gift for you at the bottom of the story.

Brian Gionta scored his second game winner in two nights, and maybe the fire’s finally been lit under the captain’s behind. Now we need to get the torch out for Mike Cammalleri once he returns, and maybe an extra-large flamethrower for Andrei Kostitsyn and Benoit Pouliot. Although Pouliot in particular had his moments tonight but we need goal scoring, so ‘moments’ aren’t quite enough at this stage.

Long-legged Max Pacioretty had two assists as did PK Subban, and once again, as was the case in Washington, the entire team needs to share the game puck.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 41-35 Montreal.

Next up – Rangers come to town on Saturday.

Following Brian Gionta’s three goals in Washington the other night, I decided to name my yet-to-be-born grandbaby Brian Gionta Lewis. My daughter and husband aren’t yet aware of any name change but I’m sure they won’t mind. However, that was the other night. Tonight, grandbaby gets a new name….Alex Auld Lewis.

Somehow I’d like readers to name the baby after games but I’m not sure how to do it. If you have a suggestion, please fill me in. Until then, I’ll just keep on naming baby and someday I’ll get around to telling baby’s parents.

9 thoughts on “How Do You Spell Relief? A-L-E-X A-U-L-D”

  1. Brilliant, Rookie. And spelling-wise it would work for a boy and a girl. Maybe an off-season name for sure. And I know the parents will love it!

  2. Hey Dennis, How about Dave,after the NHL ref Dave Lewis,no connection to the Habs but a little bit of an “in” if he ever took up reffing.This is only if it’s a boy,a girl could be difficult…

  3. Derry, I want to use baby’s name as a tool for a first star selection. Or something like that. Or maybe not. Not sure. Hmm.

  4. Dennis,

    Hope all is going well on the birth front. It’s probably just as well the mother is otherwise occupied and not reading some of these plans for her darling child 😉

    I’d like to step for a moment if I may into the ante-chamber of paranoia.

    As most games take place when I’m asleep my first action on waking is to reach for my Blackberry (why are you smirking at the back there, its a telephonic device?) and check the score by scrolling down the nhl mobile page my heart racing as I await to see if the Canadiens name is in blue.

    Then I look at the boxscore, then I read the recap. Now the recap is invariably a completely steaming pile of horse poo. If it gave us any credit at all it tended to major on how many shots our goalie had saved as we somehow chalked the win with ony 5 shots for and 150 against. Lately we’re outshooting the opposition so they concentrate on some other storyline to do with our opponents (what they had for breakfast, who had a shave etc. etc.) with a passing mention of the Habs scorers and so on.

    Indeed so non-plussed were they the other day after the Caps game that they started the opening paragraph with “Bruce Boudreau” except they forgot the capital letter and called him “bruce Boudreau” because it was all about the Caps you see (the Caps geddit? oh please yourselves).

    Then I come here to get the real story.

    Now today I watched the goal highlights on the nhl site because I wont get a chance to see the whole game on replay for a day or two.

    Well stone me, I don’t know how long this has been going on but they showed the Panthers goals and then followed up with a couple of replays as you would. Analyse the thing, savour the moment.

    The Habs goals? Just the one sighting and that’s your lot. No replay. Just straight on with the next bit. Dismissing our moments of joy as no more than a distracted ball scratch by Fate on his way to the morning shower of destiny

    I shall be seeking an urgent interview with the ambassador. But should that be the Canadian, the US or both?

  5. Dennis, here’s some cool and sometimes unusual names celebrities have given their babies.

    As for the game last night, there are times when Alex is Auld you really need.

    Blue Bayou, to get full hightlights you should go to the official Montreal Canadiens site. There you find not only a full game summary but also the boxscore and video highlights including every Habs goal.

    Here’s the page with the video highlights for your viewing pleasure…

  6. Thanks Danno. But I’m still lodging a complaint at the highest level since the nhl central site should aim for some kind of neutrality.

  7. Blue Bayou, you can forget about neutrality when it comes to these people discussing the Canadiens. Montreal has had so much success over the years that it’s been passed down from generation to generation to really really dislike the Habs. It’s us against the world, my friend. It’s the way I like it.

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