3 thoughts on “How Did I Go From That To That To That?”

  1. DK,

    So round n’ round it goes – the truth will out. The scenario is evident, the story the same: Golem didn’t die in that volcano but was sucked through to this era in this country and born again in the guise of DK …. or so it would appear. In the three photos above, Dk appears to be Golem who is still Smeagol, he hasn’t yet been utterly corrupted by the One Puck that he stole from Deagol before he cruelly murdered him. The question is, is he who he claims to be? Or, is he really Lawrence/Smeagol pretending to be DK amd DK is the fictional Lawrence who was in fact Deagold who was murdered by Lawrence? Is this why Lawrence/Smeagol fled to the isolated and anonymous environs of Powell River where, as Golem, he would fit in naturally with the west coast fauna? (How much hair is left up there?) As for his (so-called?) Russian wife, ha!, la P in drag, a secret orcette? And, Gaston? Who is he? Frodo, most likely. Did Lawrence/Golem glue his finger back on in order to conceal the truth of his identity? How long can he skate with this charade before Gandalf, the uber-ref throws his evil ass into the penalty box and confiscates the One Puck?

  2. Nice hair piece–what did that cost?Der Hab summed it up, Smeagol lives among you in Powell River !!!!!
    Be alert He gathers souls & fingers during the late hours of the night!!

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