How Are You Going To Spend The 75 Bucks?

Just so you know, the winner of the 75 bucks to be spent at will be drawn sometime around Thursday, after I’m back from Nelson. I know you won’t be able to sleep until then but try to be strong.

I figure I’ll just put all the names of those who commented in my fedora and draw one. Those who commented more than once will have more than one entry in the hat. That’s fair, isn’t it?

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, just scroll down until you find the big Leafs contest from about a week ago.

12 thoughts on “How Are You Going To Spend The 75 Bucks?”

  1. Dennis, Will you will be attired in a tuxedo while you draw the winning entry? I’m sure a drum roll will precede the winning name, too?!

    This is exciting!

  2. Keeping with the theme..that could be the fashion in which Leafs are drafted…………..

  3. The Leafs suck so bad that they’ve got a a buttload of top prospects and can’t help but win the Stanley Cup next year. Wait, scratch that, they’re the Leafs.

  4. The Leafs suck so bad at hockey, but it doesn’t end there. They even suck at grammar. Last time I checked the plural word for “Leaf” was “Leaves”

  5. Hi buddy:
    It’s your old euchre buddy. Hey…I’ve got an extra two milliion bucks, how about you? Let’s double up and you can make the call back east and we’ll deposit the four mil. in Halaks account tomorrow as long as he gets the #1 position. Sound good?
    P.S. ……….. He’s got to buy us a couple of beers, right!
    Cheers my friend,
    Mikey D.

  6. Hey Mike! Halak with no goals in his last two is a beautiful thing. I’m thinking that when I’m owner, you could be in charge of the music. (Mike is a fine singer/drummer in bands over many years in Powell River.)
    I’ll get back to you when I buy the team after I win the lottery and they let me pay back slowly.

  7. Had to vote for the Icehawks…hey. the entrant’s name is “Ferguson”. Does that ring a bell? Number 22. Right?

  8. Mike, would you mind if you put this comment in the contest post? And what town are the Icehawks from?

  9. After the first period, I poured a cup of tea.
    After the second period, I added more sugar to it.
    After the third period…….I poured it down the sink and had a nice cold “Bud”. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

  10. Hey Dennis…I know I predicted 5-4 in O.T. for game 6 but I was unaware that our first line had the numbers 4 , 9 and 12 on it and #29 in goal. I stand corrected HAPPILY. YAHOO!!!!
    P.S. Those guys couldn’t beat us even with their extra players in the striped shirts. Guess you know who didn’t pay them enough. By the way…do you ever watch the NBA?
    Hee Hee!

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