Hoping To Make You Smile

I know you’re feeling down about a few losses and several guys in slumps and all that, so I thought I’d try and cheer you up. Like Bob Hope doing shows for the troops overseas.

So I give you Jim Ralph, ex-Ottawa 67 and minor pro goalie Jim Ralph’s mediocre stats who found his niche on the banquet circuit. As a hockey player, Jim makes a darn funny comedian.

Take it away, Jim.

3 thoughts on “Hoping To Make You Smile”

  1. thanks Dennis, that’s hilarious.

    Botd gets waived as does Brian McGratton from Boston. Big tough winger (6’4″ – 235 lbs and makes less than Boyd)? Would he be attractive to us?

  2. Mayo, I don’t mind adding toughness but I don’t think McGratton is the answer. He’s more of a goon I think, but who knows. I love the idea that we get tougher with all the smaller types on the team. Too bad about Boyd. He didn’t get much of a chance.

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