Hoping It’s An Omen

On Sunday I stopped at a garage sale in St. Hubert and bought this 1970s Sher-Wood goalie stick for five dollars.

A stick with “K. Dryden 29” stamped on the upper shaft.

It’s not a Dryden game-used stick, no marks are scattered about and it’s never been taped (those are fibreglass strips you see on the blade), but it’s from his era, exactly what he would have used in the first part of the 1970s, and definitely, five bucks is pretty darn good.

And with the Habs’ goalie situation now, I’m also treating it as a good omen for the boys.

Let the magic of the five buck Dryden stick begin.

Dryden 1

Dryden 2


18 thoughts on “Hoping It’s An Omen”

  1. I thought young Dustin Tokarski did very well for his playoff debut.

    With a little luck “The Toker” could become part of the Hollywood ending to this series.

    I really hope Therrien sticks with him on Thursday.

  2. Love your column. Stop by from time to time looking for hope and inspiration with our beloved Habs. My psychic nature tells me that it is not over… lol… 😉

  3. He did well, Danno. I think Price would’ve had the Nash shot but there’s not many Prices out there.Regardless, he settled in and held the fort. I feel for Budaj though.

  4. I agree he should have had Rick Nash’s shot but even the greats let one of those in from time to time. Not bad for a kid who started cold like he did.

  5. What is going to be done with Vanish…..he is causing me to drink. Pretty soon if his uninspired hockey continues it will cost me a TV. Do you think Habs brass will pay for the damages? I guess if they get enough tv repair bills they will get the message. It drives me nuts though when the whole team is playing upbeat inspired hockey and he lallygags around the ice like it was a Sunday afternoon skate on the pond.
    Talking about Toker I think he played well considering……. didn’t get much help from his team though, penalties and missed assignments……..can’t have that if we want to extend our run. The Boys will need to play flawless hockey from here on in.

  6. Dennis ….. maybe move the stick away from Gretsky’s and put it amongst the Canadiens ones, we need all the Karma we can muster

  7. It’s odd the way Vanek is playing now. He’s a different guy than before. He’d better shape up fast.

  8. Danno, I agree for sure. He played well, but the guys didn’t give him any goals to work with. Just one. We need about 3 or 4.

  9. I’m in for Budaj as well. In fact, I find it weird that they didn’t play him last night. He’s a really good goalie and won us plenty of games, games against Chicago and Boston. I can’t help wonder what if. What if he played last night. Oh well, I just hope they play him on Thursday and that we win and that Gallagher hurts Lundqvist. I know, not very nice but what the hell. Let’s eliminate their diamond seeing ours is gone and let the best forwards and defense win!

    It’s SO not over people. I think we are in horrible shock from losing Price, but you just never know. It would not be an impossible thing to come back. We have at least two games to go, lets rally!

  10. Well, I was pretty upet about the loss of Price and the way it happened. it was dirty and lowdown, and its done and over by that guy to other goalies, with and nothing was done about by anyone; no penalty nothing. Something ought to have done something right then and there. A fight would be good, it wld have shut them down, and yes, it wld. be ugly but you know what that’s hockey…. Prust tried, but it didn’t pay off. I thought the young Gallagher almost came close to crashing that Rangers goalie Its not the Ranger’s goalies fault we all now that, but JEsus man, this kind of crap was not put with in the old days…. But no go. In the old days back in the 70s there’d been hell to pay, Broken noses , a few broken this and that. And a mad coach. I like Thierrien and he’s done what he’s done. I saw that picture of his face, he was shocked when he saw things spiralling down. I would have come fightin the day after … and he did get madder over the next day or so., but we know the guy cant afford to blow it in public.. but a t a certain point shit it looks bad, it looks bad to not Act. And I think the team was jinxed from that moment (by the Price crash) (yeah yeah hes injury prone but that was no regular injury that was screwball and other words I wont use here.. I saw it nasty bs )and in 2bd game, my superstitious view, the presence of the pm at the 2nd game was another jinx. And He dont a hell about the Habs, so screw him and screw the Rangers. Elitist phoney suddenly here to show his support for the only Canadian go away please… he doesnt belong here hockey is for people and most of us cant afford to see it even so sc ram and take Bettman and all those crooks and beat it..
    I hope the Habs come out blasting and knock the wind right out of that sob who smashed up our goalie. He’s a jackass. And hockey like I said a few months back when I first visited here is strangled by money. Vanek, one of your other commentators said, vanish, vamoose, scram. kick his sorry cowardly ass out . he cant even Pass .. the old forwads of the Habs wld. have dealt with this way better brave bold men , players with guts and flamboyance and fearless finesses…Deliver or get the f_ck out.Are these hockey players or what? What the hell was that, why isnt someone yelling at him, or at they too scared to chase off? Let the guy its a big show. Unless he was injured, and no one’s said he was. He’s just a fly by night. 8million bucks? what kind of shite is that when people are poor and cant even see their home team.. he a sniper my ass… A one time player.
    I’d have played it differently. I’d started a real slammer of a scrap and scared the shit out ofthe rangers.. it would have been worth it… we might be better off instead of feeling like a bunch of stay at home s… and this is Hockey?
    The Habs, are doing the best they can and what else? well, go for broke go for it becaue this is the last chance saloon and coming back down from 3 is not going to be easy. Habs are not LA. I am just so angry and peeved. We need a Knucles Nilan or Larry Robinson . Ah man. I sure hope it gets better thursday. A lot of people elsewhere must be looking at us and saying see they were all show and no mojo . And there was never any guarantee to win the cup but to fall by the wayside now? what a drag, a what a loss for all of us. that’s how I am feeling tonight. Gloomy clouds overmyhead. What I see is the Habs reverting to the old ways,of giving up too easy. That beautiful goal by Max the Patch, and then BAng! gone ! that cannot happen. It’s too painful. They have to Pay Attention. I knew that was going to happen. I thought they are on the Moon man they got the goal! and bang gone what 10 seconds? they cant afford that kind of thing luck or not.. they have to crush luck..

    Ok that was my down thoughts… Fine, do I think they can come back? Yessiree with blood and guts and anything else it takes. and no stinking politicans sitting soaking up the big bucks and no grievingkid belting us around… and no whoever.. Habs lose this I see the whole city will turn .. I don’t know… I feel bad and angry and I hope I am wrong.

  11. About that Dryden Stick yeah 100percent. I hope the great players of time past take possession of Habs and make their bodies perform miracles. Auspicious finding that stick.. so let there be more of them between here and thursday…

  12. Great commnet, William. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I’m a bit under the weather and have no energy to anything except vegetate. I don’t know if Kreider exactly meant to do what he did, it happened so fast, but in mind it doesn’t matter. Lundqvist needs to have the same thing done to him. The Canadiens lack of scoring is turning this goalie into a big hero and he needs to brought down a notch. If the boys can win on Thursday, I feel they can come all the way back and take the series. They’ll finally have some momentum, which they can build on. If they that first game, they can the second, and then they’ll go back to Montreal. And this Kreider fellow? Emelin needs to lay a clean hit with no penalty called, and one that snaps a couple of ribs and maybe he’ll get the message that crashing into the goalie has come to an end.You’re absolutely tight, they need a Knuckles or Robinson. They lack that sort of thing. So a bone crusher is the next best thing. Or a stick blade down the throat.

  13. Marjo, Budaj’s sister is on Facebook and she says she’s hoping for the Rangers now. And I’m with you – they eliminate our guy, we eliminate theirs.

  14. Dennis, what do you mean by “she’s hoping for the Rangers now”?

    I’m pissed. At first I was shocked, then more shocked, then in denial, then sad, now I’m pissed. How can it be that our diamond is out, just like that? We were on such a high after Boston and I feel that that high was cut short too soon. Bloody Kreider, man. I’m all for someone crashing into Lundqvist. And I’m backing the Habs 150% . It’s only 2 games, big deal. We bounced back before that. Remember Boston a few years back? Won two there, came back lost two…that stuff happens all the time. I wish our city wasn’t so pessimistic about it all.

    Vanish needs to reappear. Pierre McGuire negated a comment by the host suggesting that Vanish was playing “not to get hurt” for his future with the Wilds. He said it wouldn’t be professional of him if he did that. I disagree. There can’t be any other reason for being so dismal. And if he really does just plain old suck, good luck Minnesota.

    Lastly, why isn’t Budaj playing? I’m not complaining about their decisions, just not sure of their strategies.

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