Hoping For A Beauty On Tuesday Night

I believe the worst is over, regardless of what Canucks’ fans think. The boys know they’ve smelled lately and certainly can’t be happy about it. It’s about to change.

Look out Vancouver, the Habs are in town.

So am I and my wife. The tickets are in my pocket, the ones with Daniel Sedin’s picture on them. I’m typing this with two fingers from our room at the Sandman Hotel, just across a small bridge from Rogers Arena, and one of the most famous sports bars in the country, the Shark Club, just happens to be part of the hotel.

Which reminds me, I need a beer in the Shark Club. This will be in approximately ten minutes.

20 thoughts on “Hoping For A Beauty On Tuesday Night”

  1. Hey Dennis,I made an offer on the Yotes but Bettman knew I was going to move them to Canada and turned me down.Hey buddy ,enjoy the game,I havent seen the Habs play in Vancouver since 96.Where are you sitting at?

  2. Derry, when you’re facing the goalie, we’re to the left and eight rows up. Pretty darn good seats.

  3. Enjoy the game Dennis! At that price, I’d be lucky to be in the nosebleeds at the ACC. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment FTW! By the way, what colour Habs jersey will you be wearing? Taking any signs?

  4. Nice seats Dennis. I am in section 114, row 16, in the corner to your right. I think we’ll be behind Price (or Auld) for 1st and 3rd period). Hopefully the play is on your side most of the night.

  5. Have a great night, Dennis, and wear the Habs jersey with pride. I hope we win tonight, the city of Montreal can’t bear another loss…

  6. Hey Dennis hope you have fun tonight, should be a great game,… have to say… go vancouver go!!! as you’d expect me too!!

  7. Dennis and Mayo, it’s reportedd to be Price in nets tonight.

    Hope you and Lucienna have a ball and that they snap their slump.

    Go Habs Go!

  8. Thank you, Danno. It should be a great night. And if they need a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, all they have to do is call.

  9. Sandy, I would expect no less. A win form the Habs and you being a great Canucks fan. But can you cheer just a little for Montreal?

  10. DK, Sedin seems to be on his back, must have just been just thumped by PK!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  11. Hey Dennis! Your headline says you’re hoping for a beauty on Tuesday night.

    But that`s guaranteed. She’ll be sitting there right beside you 🙂

  12. Dennis,

    These days my little girl wakes up a lot between 3 and 5 in the morning with nightmares (UK Time and as it happens tonight that’s game time). I think I might be joining her. The Sedins tearing towards me with, sticks sharpened pucks flying……….Hopefully by the time the dawn breaks the result will chase those dreams away.

    Enjoy it. I’ll look out for you when I watch it tomorrow.

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