Hopefully Not Three In A Row

Whenever the Canadiens lose, like they have in their last two outings against Boston and Buffalo, I have to change my television viewing habits. I refuse to watch hockey highlights after the game, and the following day. Especially when the gang gets scored on with two seconds left.

Seeing some sportscaster talk about a Habs loss and how it happened isn’t my idea of a good time. Why do I need this again? It sucked the first time and surely it’ll suck the second time too. It’s been this way for me for many years.

I hate it when Montreal loses, and I definitely don’t want to watch others dwell on it.

I’m on days off now, and  instead of having sports on, I’ll watch a couple of cop shows, recycle, walk, do the dishes, read, pick my toenails, gargle, look in the fridge, swab my ears, vacuum, go to the store, and wait until they win again so I can watch some sports news.

Hopefully they’ll beat the Leafs on Saturday night, although there’s certainly no guarantee. Phil Kessel finally got his first of the year, and watch, he’ll play like Charlie Conacher when the Leafs and Habs connect that night.

When I first heard that Kessel had scored, I said good, I’ve got him in my pool. Then, when I checked my pool to see how I’m doing, I see I don’t have him after all. All along I thought I had the bugger, and disturbingly, it’s probably just another direct sign that I’m losing my mind. It goes along with when I was in Orillia recently and I was looking at a 1972 Ontario license plate for sale in a second-hand store. I went back the next day and somehow it had become a 1973 license plate.

The Leafs, although they’ve played eleven games to the Habs ten, are just one point behind Montreal and we can’t be having the Canadiens lose three in a row and the Leafs overtaking them. How that would suck. And once again there would be no sports on my television until at least after the next game.

Having no sports shows on is fine, I suppose, although I’m a fan of Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. At least he doesn’t dwell on actual games. He’s into the bigger picture and I’m pretty confident he won’t bring up the latest Habs loss. Although the question lingers – why does he wear sunglasses indoors?

I hate it when Montreal loses. I take it hard. It’s always been this way, and I ask myself –  when am I gonna grow up? It’s only a game, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Hopefully Not Three In A Row”

  1. First, congratulations on Phil Gomez scoring for your fantasy team, he can now stop. Last night might signal the return of Leblanc from Hamilton and the end of the Budaj Experience (it’s a bad trip).

    Yes it’s only a game and that I am old and no longer have any semblance of a life. I now take losses as death, like the time I lost watching the final 30 minutes last night.

  2. You hate it because you’ve been (we’ve been) on a Stanley Cup starvation diet for twenty-years. We were plump and jolly for a long time and this life of bread and water has crushed our spirit.

    We’re not Floridians who watch games for “entertainment”. It’s in our blood and our souls. We take it personal.

    That’s why it hurts so bad.

  3. A loss can really make me feel down. But when we win my heart soars like a Himalayan bar-headed goose.

    Hockey pulls our heart strings giving us both the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

  4. hi dennis,
    iam in the land of the habs since dec 04….very cold here,im watching them games,having a good time,look to me like the hab have speed but lack weight,,,,what do you think of that?im gonna watch the next game againts the leafs,,,,meanwhile take care see you sometime,,,,,

  5. Danny, great to hear from you. No wonder I haven’t seen you around lately. Yes, the team is quick and just a tad on the small size, but they’re bigger than they were. I don’t mind if they’re slightly small as long as they’re not too small. P.S. Are you coming back?

  6. re:Marjo

    I know it must but a smile on your face but 20 year is nothing…Try 46 years of crying in one’s beer…Through the Ballard years and in the late 70’s being pounded by the powerhouse Habs…But I’m still watching and hoping the next of many rebuilds of my Leafs will bare fruit…

    So its …Go Leafs Go …for Saturday night….Kessel rev up your engine

    Should be a good game…

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