Hopefully Max Can Find His Game Down On The Farm

Max Pacioretty wasn’t on the big club because he was a grinder or checker or specialty player of any kind. He was there to contribute offensively, to provide spark and garner points and be all the good things that come with that long-legged skating style he has.

This was a guy given a big shot over the past couple of years and who has now basically played himself off the team for the time being at least. Because 3 goals and 11 assists in 52 games just isn’t getting the job done in the way the brass expected.

Imagine how much help he would’ve provided his team if he hadn’t slumped for most of the season?

So now Max is in Hamilton to work on his game and ride the buses, much like Sergei Kostityn did previously and who is now back where he wants to be. Who knows how long Max will be with the Bulldogs, but it’s up to him now to show that he’s a major leaguer.

He’s a player who seems to have the tools but maybe his confidence has gone on a road trip and gotten lost. And he probably fully understands that a demotion was in the cards because now is not the time for the Canadiens to be more than patient and understanding with players not getting it done.

The team needs everyone going at this stage, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, Max was sort of spinning his wheels.

3 thoughts on “Hopefully Max Can Find His Game Down On The Farm”

  1. Add Matt D’Agostini to the list of players going to the Bulldogs. D’Agostini is reportedly there for a two-week rehab session with coach Guy Boucher. Bulldogs centre Ben Maxwell has been called up to play with the big club and Paul Mara will be sidelined as a result of an upper-body injury. Consequently, the CH active roster is now down to 20.
    Too bad for D’Agostini. He had a rough start this year and wasn’t the same after that dirty hit from Chicago’s Andrew Ladd which resulted in him suffering a concussion.
    Hope coach Boucher can help bring him back to his former glory.

  2. Pacioretty is still very young, some games in the minors with more playing time will be good for him to get regain confidence and scoring touch. D’Agostini is a bit more worrisome, although still young, he’s nearing the end of his entry-level years.

    We need them back soon, we’ve now got no healthy scratches in case anyone falls sick or sore.

  3. But Chris, regarding the no healthy scratches, I’ve already mentioned that I’m ready to suit up at a minutes notice. Don’t forget, I was the first-line right winger for Byer’s Bulldozer Orillia Midgets.

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