Hopefully I Can Clean It Up

I can’t believe it. Why do I do things like this?

For some inexplicable reason, I decided to wear my best Habs hat while painting, and now I’ve got white paint on it. Sometimes I’m just so brain dead.

Maybe I can find some gentle paint remover that doesn’t harm material. What was I thinking?


6 thoughts on “Hopefully I Can Clean It Up”

  1. Holly crap, you need a new hat. And it’s not because of the paint…did you honestly wear that, Dennis? Looks like something Youpie would wear. I’ll try to get you a new one. Probably can find a good deal now that it’s summer.

  2. Marjo, I wear it when I’m cutting the lawn. I’m very proud of this hat. I’ve had it for about 20 years. But I think it’s starting to lose its shape a little.

  3. Dennis, you’re a great guy but that hat needs to go. You need an intervention. I’ll get you a new one when I go to a game next season.

    Let it represent last season. You toss it in the garbage and your new hat will represent the new era of greatness.

  4. It is a beautiful hat. The paint only adds to its character and should be worn with pride……. If you ever think of throwing it out please throw it my way. I promise to not let my dogs play with it.

  5. Hey Dennis,I have a pair of Hab boxer shorts and I always make sure I dont get anything on them.

  6. Dennis, that paint stain on your best Habs hat is like Gomez.

    It’s got to be removed.

    Is Gomez gone yet?

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