7 thoughts on “Hopeful Habs To Hamilton Homes”

  1. Must be really something to play your heart out and know you’re still not good enough. At least Darche is still around to keep the press box warm. No doubt he’ll keep it nice and neat to justify that one way contract. He’s such a hard worker I’ll bet he even vacuums it after every period just when they’re cleaning the ice.

    So no more White unless someone gets injured or Pouliot or AK continue to not impress. What do you think? By early November at the latest?

  2. Hi Tyg. I just can’t picture Pouliot doing anything. Maybe Kostitsyn but not Pouliot. So I think White or Maxwell will be back up soon. I hope so, anyway. These two added a lot of pizazz from what I saw.

  3. I liked Ryan White’s work ethic. I think big tits will do well as he is final year ain’t he? He’ll do well as he is a year older. I am not too confident about Benoit Pouliot though. I have MVP hopes for Plekanec. I think we are better this year than last. I still agree with Mikey D about putting Muller in charge and getting rid of Jacques. He’s too quiet and gets on my nerves being pissed off and he seems to be doing nothing behind the bench. Jesus, season hasn’t even started and here I am back in angry playoff mode. And how do I get rid of the soccer thingy behind my name (-naldo)?

  4. Mayo, I’m not sure if I fixed it or not. I just went in and edited your comment by taking the “naldo” off. Maybe it’ll work better from here on in. I was sure you’d be able to fix it on your end but maybe not. I’m going to work on this. And I’m like you and a couple of million others. No faith in Pouliot. I hope he proves us wrong.

  5. This means that for now Alexandre Picard has made the team and will be playing until Hamrlik or Markov returns.

    Not a big surprise Eller and Subban made the team, but I think these 3 are the only ones on two way contracts.

    These last 5 sent down were on two way contracts and everyone else potentially on the bubble was on a one way contract.

  6. Christopher, I want to see a big improvement from O’Byrne. They sure have been patient with this guy with small return so far.

  7. Dennis, I don’t understand why O’Byrne is having such problems. More hitting, less give-aways, seems easy. Not expecting him to be Markov or Gill.
    Next summer Gauthier will have the chance to rebuild the defence like Gainey did to the forwards a year ago.

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