Hope For This, Or That, Or The Other Thing

The Canadiens are in Buffalo tonight to wrap up their last big road trip of the season, one that took them to Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver before western New York, and Hobo has brought up something very much worth considering.

Wouldn’t it be great if the team began to play a much better brand of hockey without screwing up the chance they have now to grab a nice high pick in the June draft?

But what do you do? Hopefully not slack off, because it’s a pride thing, to do the best job possible, to play for next year, and to show respect for the many fans who support and buy tickets and cheer through thick and then.

But damn, to begin fresh change, a blue-chipper is a fine building block, maybe a cornerstone to both the near and distant future, and to get one, one must fail miserably.

My sometimes static brain tells me that this year has been such a washout for the Canadiens, that if they can salvage the final bunch of games and show us and themselves that they’re not the sad-sack Habs, as the Vancouver Sun called them, it would give us hope, and they might be biting at the bit for next year to get going and make everyone forget the bummer called the 2011-2012 season.

Maybe that’s more important than a high draft pick, but of course, maybe not.

What would you prefer, a top three draft pick, or a team playing extremely well for the next 13 games and showing high promise for next year with Andrei Markov healthy as all get out.?

A Yakupov or Grigorenko or whoever else is near the top rung would be just fantastic. But Alex Ovechkin went number one (in 2004), and we’ve yet to see him help his Washington Capitals win much of anything..

Will Montreal play much better now that Markov has returned? It sure looked like it after his first game back, in Vancouver. What if the power play begins to blossom, the seemingly newfound toughness with Brad Staubitz helps turn the tide, and there are no more blowing of games in the third period for these last remaining baker’s dozen?

If it happens, the draft pick won’t be as high, but suddenly they’re not sad sacks anymore. It’s very difficult.

Maybe we should just focus on the general manager, a bilingual coach, and the guy from Anchorage, Alaska, and what can be done there.


6 thoughts on “Hope For This, Or That, Or The Other Thing”

  1. Marjo and Danno, I hesitate to think this way only because it’s never guaranteed that a high draft pick will turn things around all that much. Toughness, a better power play, and Markov are big keys.

  2. But Markov is such a gamble. One blow to the knee and he’s out again. Of course that can happen to anyone. However, if we try to win all the rest of the games and that moves us up to what, 10th place? 12 place? So what! This year is blown. Gotta accept it.

  3. Hey Dennis,Well not bad 5 out of a possible 8 points on the road trip,I thought they were going to pull it out tonite,Deharnais scores with 3.5 seconds to go,a very exciting finish.I dont never want to see them lose so they can get a high draft pick.I think that if they were to do this they wouldnt be ready to come back and win in the years to come,go out and kick some ass if the can.

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