Holy Smokes – Max Out


And so the annual crap begins.

From NHL.com

The Montreal Canadiens could play the next month of their schedule without arguably their top forward.

The club announced via its Twitter account Saturday night that Max Pacioretty underwent an emergency appendectomy and will miss the next three to four weeks. The surgery took place Saturday in Montreal.

Pacioretty, 24, has four assists in three games for the Canadiens this season. He led the club in 2011-12 with 65 points (33 goals, 32 assists).

The Canadiens host the New Jersey Devils on Sunday at the Bell Centre.

7 thoughts on “Holy Smokes – Max Out”

  1. Gonna miss Mac Pac!! BUT do I see team that’s becoming a Family not just individuals ? Then they will rally ’round the the the kid an win some games to jokingly show him he’s not needed which EVERYONE knows IS NOT true. We have a coach who can high five, we have a coach who dares to let two kids play their game while communicating with them ,we have some guys that uphold the law [what would # 99 have accomplished with no Semenko to protect him!!!] ‘ole # 9 had no bodyguards but he was special !! Moen, White, Prust don’t need 30 goals–just have to keep the tempo up for the next line so Cole can high-five the ref after he scores. Emilen can rock ’em at the blueline–gonna be some REAL hockey—finesse mixed w/grit ‘en THE BELL ON IT’S FEET!! Who took the Cup away from the Mauw- mauw’s in Philly way back in the Bobby Clark daze—– YES WE DID—by tic-tac-toe passing,goaltending and some fiesty youngsters. Give it some time to gell. Sorry to ramble on!! P.S. Let the dressing room deal with P.K.’s personality ,let P.K. deal with opposing forwards trying to beat Carey. THEM two seem to click.

  2. Love your comment, Peter Hab. A lot of good optimism there, which is what we need. A big win against New Jersey would be excellent right now.

  3. Character win tonight. Someone had a great line regarding Patches’ appendicitis wondering if Dr Recchi had confirmed it or not.

  4. And another thought, does patches being out for an extended time pretty much guaranty that Galenchyuk stays in Montreal?

  5. D-John, you bet it does. He and Gallagher seem to have earned a spot. They’re so exciting, it’s just great.

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