Holy Mackerel, Habs Pull It Out!

Three goals by a down and out Habs team with just over three minutes left in the third, and then the winner in overtime.

I was getting set to rant and rave and now I won’t have to. Talk about going from upset to feelin’ good. Boom shakalacka!

The game at the Bell began in fine fashion for the Canadiens. Daniel Briere scored just 38 seconds in and the boys dominated the Sens, outshooting them 17-4 with Briere and Thomas Vanek getting several great chances, and others like DD having their moments too.

But aside from Briere’s marker, no one could score as usual, Ottawa got one, and we’ve seen this before. Burst out of the gate and slowly but surely the other team picks up steam when the game should’ve been out of reach.

It became the same old thing. Scoring dried up. Tiring to say the least.

No surprise when it became 2-1 in the second for Ottawa, who outplayed Montreal in the frame.

In the third, it was soon a depressing 3-1 and then 4-1. I was ready with my thoughts. Again they can’t score. They blew their chances. It was going to be four straight losses. The power play was a dismal 0-6. The EGG line at this point was -11.

And then it began. Like Pit Lepine, Sprague Cleghorn, the Rocket and all the gang pulling strings from above.

Lars Eller made it 4-2 at 16:38 of the third, and the team was still so far from a comeback that Eller didn’t dare crack a smile.

At the 17:56 mark, Brian Gionta bulged the twine and it was 4-3, and a small glimmer of hope became a large wheelbarrow full.

Finally, with a Senator in the box for misbehaving and Carey Price pulled to make it a 6 on 4 advantage, David Desharnais shot one over the hot-headed Robin Lehner with less than a second left and the game, miraculously, was tied.

And just 1:26 into overtime, Francis Bouillon won it for his team and us.

It’s hard to believe what we just witnessed. The Canadiens needed these two points badly, and they did it in such heart stopping fashion.

A great win, and have you ever seen such crying to the refs as the Sens did after the last couple of goals? You blew it, Ottawans. Suck it up.

Random Notes:

Marjo and her son were at this game, fifteen rows behind the Canadiens bench. Talk about a game to get tickets for, and I’m happy for them that they saw a mind blower.

Canadiens outshot Ottawa 48-34 on the night, but until the last three minutes, could only score one measly goal. But that’s all forgotten now. Sort of.

Carey Price had no chance on a couple at least, and it was reassuring to see him finally back on the job.

Healthy scratches included Parros, White, Bourque and Tinordi.

Onwards to Buffalo for a Sunday 7 pm game against the Sabres. Can’t wait to see how the Canadiens play after this whopper.



19 thoughts on “Holy Mackerel, Habs Pull It Out!”

  1. I turned it back on when the last power play started… I’m not going to harp on boneheaded coaching, Boullion getting so much ice time on the powerplay, why Price isn’t going to Buffalo, and more boneheaded coaching…

    Hopefully, this will be a turning point. The Bell Centre was roaring. Vanek won’t hear that in Minnesota…

  2. As you said, a heart-stopping beautful high-minded comeback. One of the most dramatic I’ve seen in the game in years… Yes, Price is staying behind. I get the logic of that, he needs more time, get him ready for the more dangerous game on Tues. After all it’s Roy Avalanchers… think of the significance of that game! Price has to be in the best of shape. As for the Sabres, well shld. the Habs coming out feisty staying that way Tues. they’ll be ready.. And by the way there’s a great article about scoring 50 versus 30 here http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=709196&navid=DL|MTL|home

    I’m not sure I completely agree with what’s being said, but it sure provides food for thought.

  3. I went to bed–4-1. Gionta used to aim at the bullseye on the goalies gut—–but now he shoots WIDE of the net–good planning. Ba Humbug losers once again!! THEY GOT IT!!! was the holler bouncing thru the house.Can’t be; might be;–OVERTIME!! Got dressed to see the overtime. Slept REAL good last night!! I humbly add that Habs fans are guilty of crying to/about refs also so lets be gracious in winning, there were some close calls. I should say—“there are some habs fans”—Vanek got a good idea of what The Bell sounds like on a Montreal Saturday Night!!!!—about 10 decibals louder than the Stompers Sudbury Saturday Nite

  4. I was out last night and got home with about four minutes left in regulation. Great timing! Hopefully, the Habs can use this game to jump start their offense (and the season in general).

  5. All I can say is this: those last three minutes were incredibly loud. And this with a half-filled stadium. It’s not likely anyone will ever give me a playoff ticket but I sure got to hear what it would sound like, last night.

    When it was 4-1, I told my son, pay attention, if they can get a couple of goals they’ll move mountains to get the tie-breaker. I just wanted to give him hope…

    Best game ever!

  6. Marjo, GOOD ON YOU for being able to be there with your son AND the wise words—“pay attention””– you had more faith then me!! When you come back to earth in near future ; would you elaborate on the atmosphere in The Bell during last 4 Habs Goals? Your a “regular” on this site thru highs & lows and I’m so happy you got both doses last nite —in the PROPER SEQUENCE !!

  7. Hockeyfan, yes, I understand the logic of Price staying behind. I just hadn’t heard it when Mike McKim mentioned it last night. I think it’s a smart move. We need his knee in good shape.
    What a game last night. If we’re playoff bound, this one had a lot to do with it. How deflating that must be for Ottawa. But after last year’s playoffs against them when they were belligerent and got the refs calls often, I feel absolutely no sympathy for them. Thanks for the link. It’s an interesting piece and yes, I think it’s more difficult to score now with the goalies being bigger for the most part, and better pads and all that. But the Rocket was the Rocket. I remember reading somewhere that the Punch Line back in the 1940s averaged 4 goals a game over the season.(Or maybe it was 4 points). Regardless, it was a great stat from a great line.

  8. I Peter. I started washing dishes when they were down 4-1. But I was back and forth and when Eller made it 4-2, I sat my rear end back down and didn’t move. Yes, you’re right that I should be gracious, but Ottawa has become a true rival, last year’s playoffs wasn’t good, and I’m sure Ottawa fans laughed when they saw calls going their way and against us. Normally I don’t jab like that but I couldn’t help myself. Good point about the noise and Vanek (M. McKim mentioned it too), that Vanek heard a loud Bell last night and he wouldn’t hear that in Minny.

  9. Ian, in the first it was all Habs but ended tied at one. The second and much of the third was Ottawa’s. And then the magic happened.The part you saw. I shook my head for about an hour after.

  10. Marjo, imagine those folks who left early. Maybe they’ll learn something from that and stay to the end next time. So glad you guys saw this. Sometimes games can be boring and depressing, but this one ended in a magical way. Must have been so great to be there.

  11. Danno, that’s quite a chart and it’s great to see. It’s also why it’s so important to win in Buffalo tonight. Get that number even higher. It’s also amazing to see Ottawa at 10% and Vancouver even lower.

  12. Flashback to another epic comeback.

    February 19th 2008 – Habs were down 5-0 against the New York Rangers but rallied to win 6-5 in overtime. A new guy called Carey Price started in nets for the Habs. You’ll also see Scott Gomez as a Ranger miss a chance to score a goal in overtime, but wearing a Rangers uniform

  13. Pete, the fouth goal was the best. Our hopes were up because we had a power play, they pulled Price out, the momentum was on, the crowd was wild, we had plenty of time to do them in. At about 3 seconds I remember thinking how disappointing it would be to lose after witnessing such a comeback. PK and DD were heros and it clearly looked like they didn’t want to lose. We were jumping up and down like mad — I think I peed in my pants. How’s that?

  14. Only word to describe what we all saw, unreal!
    Good points about Vanek and the atmosphere but what no one seems to be remembering is that his wife is from the Minny area. How badly does she want to raise her family close to her own family? That could be the question.
    Lastly I thought pj, doesn’t deserve caps, was going to have an aneurism after that OT. That would have made good TV. Actually no but you get my point.

  15. I have to take back my aneurism comment about pj. An aneurism has to do with blood and there has been no definitive proof that pj has any blood flow to his brain but lots of empirical evidence to suggest he does not.

  16. One more thing…all night they showed us the story of Lars Eller. His upbringing in Denmark, his family, his passion for hockey. They must have played that five minute clip about four times. I suppose they were doing a little PR for him considering his troubled times. The fact that he was on the ice for every goal Ottawa scored certainly backfired on the marketing team. And then the irony of him scoring the goal that began the comeback. Pretty weird.

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