Holy Cow! Another Excellent Contest!

That’s right. Another chance to win a $75 gift certificate at NHL.com. And this time, three of you will win!

It’s shocking how generous I am.

It’s actually the fine folks at Pepsi, Lay’s, and Gatorade who are springing for these prizes. I’ve just decided to take credit.

Remember the excellent and exciting Leafs Suck So Bad contest that we had recently? Well, this time it’s different, you don’t have to think about the Leafs, and like I say, three people will win.

Just click on “vote” on Bring Home the Cup, have a look at the towns and cities involved in trying to get Mark Messier and the Stanley Cup to come there, and tell me in the comments section below which town you like. 

Then it’s back to the names in the fedora with my wife wearing a white glove, picking three. Don’t forget: $75 buys some good shit. There’s about six days left in this contest so get crackin’.

12 thoughts on “Holy Cow! Another Excellent Contest!”

  1. Going for Goulds Pacers, looks like a team with a lot of character.

    PS: Liked your Phil Rizzuto-esque “Holy Cow!” on the title.
    Baseball, what a funny “Sport”

  2. oops..put my wanna win on the wrong post….anyways..I want the Lake Cowichan Lakers to get the cup..cause..I wanna win some of that shit!

  3. DK, I vote for the Montreal Canadiens because they need to see what the cup looks like!!
    GO HABS GO!!!

  4. Had to vot for the Kamloops Icehawks. Hey…the entrant’s name is “Ferguson” Does that ring a bell, number 22 right?

  5. I’m with Mike, now who do I vote for so that they win a trip to the Stanley Cup final? I’d rather watch them on TV than watch Devils vs Coyotes live.

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