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I stumbled across a blog written by ex-NHL star Bobby Holik titled Holikonshooting and I’m not going to comment on it. I have my views which happen to differ from his. But that’s democracy and freedom of speech, right?

Holik played for four teams during his 1314 games in the bigs, won a couple of Cups while with New Jersey, and was a New York Ranger for two seasons, the team the Habs play tonight.

Holik’s blog deals with his love of guns and I thought I’d simply paste his introduction.

Take it away, Bobby –

“2013 turned out to be great year for supporters of the Second Amendment. Our government threatened the masses again to create more restrictions on our constitutionally guaranteed right. There is very few things I am more passionate about than this issue. As I’ve mentioned many times before, this is as important as standing up for the First Amendment. Surprisingly too many people in this country do not want to recognize it. Well, sometimes it’s good to have spineless politicians in Congress.They were not willing to pay the political price to accomplish any major changes. Great news not only for gun owners but for everyone else. United States of America is a better place for it and the whole world can envy our ability to coexist peacefully.

I had a wonderful and exciting year. I improved my pistol shooting skills, participated in fund raisers shooting clays, harvested mule deer buck and fell in love with upland bird hunting.

I usually write about the events or trips I have experienced. Today I would like to recap some of the guns I used. Keep in mind I am above average in size and bellow average in shooting skills. I try to compensate with great passion for all things involving guns.”

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  1. I will be in town for the game tonite and hopefully have time to stop by the Irish Embassy for dinner before hand. If you are in the neighborhood stop in for a pint with my pal and I. We are in my seats tonite opposite La Cage Au Sports in Section 120-121.

  2. I hope this nutjob and his guns stay south of the border. Every time there’s a mass shooting 80% of Americans come out against the 2nd amendment but once the headlines fade so does the opposition. Maybe one day the US will become a modern civilized country, but I’m not holding my breath.

    To bring this back to hockey, I think we have a similar, but way less fatal issue with fighting in hockey and head shots. At least our attitudes are slowly changing and I can foresee a day (a generation) when they will eliminated.

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