Holdin’ On In Washington

As mentioned previously, I wasn’t exactly in front of the TV last night when the Habs faced off against the Caps, but from time to time I’d check how things were, and I managed to see the final three heart-stopping minutes.

Apparently there were a lot of heart-stopping minutes. Two thirds of the game in fact.

The gang jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first, but Alex Ovechkin scored with seconds to go in that first frame and whatever that did to the Canadiens, like put the brakes to their momentum maybe, they didn’t score again, Ovechkin would, and Canadiens would hold on for dear life after that.

But they won the game 3-2. A huge one to win, and three guys on the hotseat found the back of the net – Travis Moen, David Desharnais, and Daniel Briere, which is a fine thing to have happen.

I saw Michael Bournival helped off the ice after taking a puck to the foot or ankle (I think), and I heard that P.K. was in a scrap, which I would’ve loved to have seen.

Two huge points, on the road, against a decent team. And Peter Budaj earns his keep.

Tonight – Sidney and the flightless birds wobble into the Bell.

On a personal note, Luci and I are at my brother’s house in Ottawa, another brother came from Orillia, and when you put the three of us together, it’s uncanny how we look like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Cary Grant side by side.

I look like Cary Grant, who’s been dead for some time now, so it’s not a good thing.

Also, it was grade seven when my teacher was called out of our classroom by the principal, and a few minutes later she came back in crying. “Class dismissed” I remember her saying. “President Kennedy has just been shot.”

November 22 (from a few years later) also marked the day my friend and I hopped on a ship bound for England after I had assembled toilet doors in a factory in Orillia for six months. I had just turned 18, and we were in England for a good part of the winter. The Beatles played on the rooftop of their Apple offices on Saville Row when we were in London, but we had no idea and only found out about it after coming home. I still curse about this.



5 thoughts on “Holdin’ On In Washington”

  1. They did hang on, to be sure, but I’ll take the two points and hope for two more tonight. Glad that DD got off the schneid–sometimes, all it takes is a wacky goal like the one he scored to get a player going, and I hope for the team’s sake (and his) that that’s exactly what happens here.

  2. Markov got hit with an elbow and P.K. jumped right in on the guy. Not much of a FIGHT but a HUGE display of character by our buddy P K!!!!! He’s gonna shut his critics up once they open their eyes. Gretzy [#99} had good comments on PK too. Sad day 50 years ago yesterday. “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU__ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY” we all can apply that to our country local community, work-place, neighbourhood, home-life etc. & other areas of life. DD, Moen, Brierre, & Budaj [& others] applied that last nite!!!!!

  3. Should be posted on the dressing room wall:

    Ask not what the Habs can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for the Habs.

  4. Oh how Sid gets riled by P.K.,gotta love it!!! Starting too ‘preciate the boys showing some determination too. Have a good sleep Dennis!!

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