Hockey Players And Scuba Divers For Breakfast

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There were two reasons to eat Kellogg’s Corn Flakes when I was a kid –  little toy scuba divers I dug through the corn flakes to find, which, when baking soda was added to, would swim around for several seconds;

And little plastic hockey players.

They came in red, white, and blue, were very cool, and I had a bunch of them.

My original ones are long gone now but I searched on eBay awhile back and found these five below that you see hanging out with Gaston.

Maybe I should start looking for scuba divers too.

8 thoughts on “Hockey Players And Scuba Divers For Breakfast”

  1. I remember them well. Had a lot of fun with the scuba divers. The most prized item in my possesion when I was young was a picture of Dick Duff in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Although he was a Hab at the time I didn’t care as he had become my play-off hero. I don’t remember the cereal brand but the back of the box was a large colour picture of a hockey player for you to cut out. I had that picture until I moved out to B.C. in the seventies and the moving company lost a box enroute. It sure made getting that box of cereal fun.

  2. Hi Don, I have some of those pictures you refer to that we cut out. They were from Chex cereal and they are beautiful.

  3. Chex cereal. I believe that’s a breakfast favourite of both Spacek and Hamrlik.

    Dennis, just make sure you keep Gaston away from the matches.

  4. Danno, you should be a writer for a late-night talk show. And I should keep Gaston away from just about everything, including me.

  5. Hi Dennis, perhaps Gaston needs to spend his time constructively and coach your wonderful new team. He looks like he is enjoying the responsibility of overseeing the rookies.

    Please buy the scuba diver and post it for me!

  6. It’s difficult to tell from the angle but I worry that they don’t seem set up quite right for Jacque’s system. If they don’t get it sorted one or two of them might be spending time in the press box.

    Something about Saturday’s game was nagging at me on Monday so while sitting on a train built by Bombardier I checked a few facts on my Blackberry and it all came flooding back (I thought it was the Chinese who were supposed to be taking over the world not you lot).

    It’s part of the long story of how I became a Canadiens fan, but back in 1991, apart from immigration and certain high level black ops units of the FBI (if my wig and false moustache didn’t fool them) most of the world was unaware that I was setting foot in North America or indeed any part of the Americas for the first time.

    Location Boston.

    Date April 27th

    Other event of world significance that day though it passed me by at the time – Adams Division Semi Final Game 6

    Result: Boston 2 Montreal 3 in OT

    The less said about April 29th the better but by then I knew what was going on and the seeds were sown.

  7. Diane, I’m on a mission to find the scuba divers. Is it healthy to relive childhood moments? I’m not sure. And Gaston as coach? Coach of the San Quentin Cueballs maybe.

  8. One of those little red guys keeps falling over too, Blue Bayou. What can that mean? And Diane says they look good being coached by Gaston.
    You’re a bonafide Habs fan. 1991. Lot of good Habs stuff over the years for you. And…..there’s nothing like hearing about a Habs overtime win against Boston. I can see how the seeds were sewn.
    Thank goodness you weren’t more impressed by Boston back then. Imagine. And have you cured your son of being a Philadelphia fan yet? If not, I’d be getting a little concerned.

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