Hockey Morning In Brossard

Luci and I went to the Habs practice this morning at the Sports Complex in Brossard, and I have to say, do I ever love doing this. Luci does too.

Grab a chair, sit behind glass in the open area with coffee in hand, and watch the boys go through various drills in an organized and business-like manner.

Stephane Waite had about eight players working on Carey Price from different angles and Price was up and down and didn’t seemed to be labouring with his knee.

Buday and Tokarski manned the other end with the rest of the guys.

Thomas Vanek was on a line with Max and Desharnais. The EGG line was together. Briere skated with Plekanec and Gionta. Prust, Weise, and Moen were together, and depending on the drill, it was various combinations involving White, Bourque, Parros and Michael Bournival.

And although it was cool to see everyone out there doing their thing, I found myself watching Bournival often. This is a kid with good size, is a beautiful skater, and has a great wrist shot.

My feeling is, Bournival (who was drafted in 2010 by Colorado and traded to the Canadiens later that year for Ryan O’Byrne) has a long and fruitful career ahead of him and the Canadiens landed a beauty when they got him.

Yes indeed, taking in a Habs practice.

A great way top spend an hour and a half. It’s nice that the public can do this and it’s all very comfortable.

Like a kid, I’m wide-eyed when I see the guys firing pucks and skating like the wind close up in practice. I guess I’m never going to truly grow up.

Brossard 1

Brossard 2


14 thoughts on “Hockey Morning In Brossard”

  1. Isn’t this the coolest thing Dennis? You know how many people would be jealous of this?

    First time I went I was so star-struck that I stood there like a drooling moron. I’ll never forget it. I also wish I had taken a photo of Emelin smashing into Gionta – happened right in front of me!

  2. It’s the coolest thing Darth. I never had too many chances in my life to do something like this and I truly love. It’s really interesting to see all the things that go on.

  3. I wonder…………did Frankie B get the most ice time at practice as well, Dennis?


  4. Great report Dennis.

    It’s good to hear Carey Price is moving without difficulty. We need him to come back and to be 100% because the playoffs are about three things… Goaltending Goaltending & Goaltending

    I want to hear Pierre Houde shout out: “Le tir et le buuuuuuut!!!!!” many more times than usual tomorrow night – for the Habs of course!

  5. I think it’s overrated too, Tyg. I love having a little bit of kid in me. And yes, Bournival is a terrific player who just needs a little more time.

  6. Yes Danno. Lots of les buts tomorrow. The Egg line and Vanek with Max and DD is very exciting.

  7. You know me, Mike. I’ve always had a bit of kid in me. I’ve grown to appreciate that.

  8. Ian, wasn’t that weird that they played Boo so much? More than Subban. More than everyone. And he’d just come of being a healthy scratch. Just plain weird.

  9. I’m strange, but I think that the team’s best players should get the most playing time. That would not include Frankie B., loyal and hard-nosed as he might be.

  10. It’s a novel concept that Mr. Therrien hasn’t decided on, Ian. Best players equal more ice time. Makes sense to me.

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