Hockey Loses A Good One

Long-time NHL referee Lloyd Gilmour, a highly-respected individual who handled the 1976 Super Series game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Moscow Red Army in which the Russians left the ice for several minutes to protest the thuggery from the Broad Streeters, died last Wednesday, August 11, 2010.

Joe Pelletier at Greatest Hockey Legends has all the details.

Below is my brochure from Gilmour’s one-time popular restaurant, Nanaimo Harbour Lights NHL Restaurant, signed by Gilmour, although I was never there. A friend was and brought it back for me.

In one of many testimonials for Gilmour, a fellow who worked at the restaurant when he was a teenager asked Gilmour who was better – Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr. Gilmour replied that Gretzky couldn’t carry Bobby Orr’s jock strap.


And this is what the fuss was about when Red Army played the Broad St. Bullies during Super Series ’76, with Gilmour at the helm as referee.

6 thoughts on “Hockey Loses A Good One”

  1. Hey Dennis, Yup Lloyd Gilmour was a great one,sorry to hear of his passing.He was in a group of Refs who had honour and class,which we have very few of these days.

  2. Then again Bobby just might have to share it with his mentor Doug Harvey!!
    From the East Cheers!

  3. Hi Dennis:

    Once again, you educate and inform your followers.

    Bobby Orr and Mario Lemieux are head and shoulders above WG.

  4. Diane, there you are! I thought you moved to Outer Slovovia or Inner Slovenia or someplace. Thanks. And yes, I agree with you. At least about Bobby Orr. Maybe Lemieux too.

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