Hockey Inside/Out Makes My Day

Hockey Inside/Out has a fantastic eight minute clip of a 1932 Montreal-Toronto game, with Foster Hewitt doing the play-by-play and Howie Morenz showing why he was called the Babe Ruth of Hockey. Big Charlie Conacher, as smooth and as rugged as can be, was the Leaf marksman.

I’m tremendously grateful to see this. I love the old stuff with an unwavering passion, and this clip is magical. Thank you, Hockey Inside/Out gang.

The ad you see at the top is one I clipped from a 1940 newspaper I found. I’ll take two of your best 75 cent tickets please.

And happy Labour Day. I’m off to work shortly, because somebody has to.


5 thoughts on “Hockey Inside/Out Makes My Day”

  1. That’s great footage. The high overhead shots make the ice appear larger than usual and the game seem exceptionally fast. It would be fun to watch this style of game, it’s all exciting end to end rushes, a transition game of attack and counter-attack, and no trapping. But I would miss the set-up and control the puck in the opponents end aspects.

    $2.50 a ticket? I’ll take the entire first row behind the visiting Habs bench. The price is still a bargain even without the decimal point.

    Today’s Labour day, the summer’s over, we need meaningful hockey now. There’s no good reason why the NHL regular season can’t be starting. Imagine the added bonus of the Stanley Cup being paraded down Ste. Catherine in early May.

  2. Great footage, eh Chris? It’sd also faster and better than many thought the old days were. I just love this kind of thing. And yes, hockey could start and end earlier. There’s still a month to go, for goodness sakes.

  3. Those ticket prices make me want to cry. The most expensive ticket wouldn’t even cover the cost of a beer or a Coke at the Bell Centre today. Sigh.

    This video was great. I got a kick out of it. I was thinking of subscribing to NHL Vault, it’s only 5 bucks a month but they have a ton of games available from the 60s on (and they keep adding more).

    It was kind of sad to watch though considering knowing Morenz’s fate.

    With those ticket prices I would be going to every game!

  4. Darth, I’d never heard of NHL Vault until now. I’m going to look into it but I have a feeling it won’t be available in out area. But I’d like to have it, I think. The thing is, in the old days, CBC erased most of their games from the ’50’s and ’60’s toi make room on the tapes for other things. A typical executive decision and a real shame. Imagine if we could see many complete games back then. Now there’s just a scattering of them. WAY TO GO CBC. grrrrr

  5. Dennis you can get it online at the NHL website. I believe you can get it for free if you take the Gamecentre Live package (which is 20 a month roughly).

    If you had a PS3 you could have that connected to your tv and watch the games on your tv (or hook your computer to your tv and do the same). As long as you have the net you can get it. I am not sure what your connection is like (internet speed) but I would guess it’s good enough…unless you’re using dial-up.

    I am waiting to see how much the Gamecenter packing is first before deciding what to do. I think I’ll just go for the Vault.

    Here’s more info about it:×90

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