Hockey In Vegas Probably Makes Some Sense

When the NHL decides to expand once again, it certainly won’t be Winnipeg, Quebec, Toronto, or Hamilton, or in general, places where people understand that ice is also for skating on, not just putting up noses. It’ll be where Gary Bettman wants it to be, and that means no Canada.

And right now, it seems that the leading contender for new team in the NHL is Las Vegas, which, I think, could be the next best thing if you can’t have a Canadian franchise.

Each year, Sin City attracts 40 million tourists to the bright lights, a million and a half of which are Canadian, and two million from overseas, which indeed includes countries like Russia, Sweden, and Finland – countries who appreciate hockey. And with staggering numbers like that, especially the 40 million part, you’d have to think that 20,000 would be found to go to games each night.

There is a team in the ECHL based now in Vegas, the Wranglers, who pull in about 4000 fans a game. So hockey isn’t exactly foreign there. And there’s lots of people, guys especially, who would prefer to see the Habs or Penguins come to town instead of forking out $150 for Cher or Bette Midler at Caesar’s Palace. 

Hockey would be a nice three-hour break from the Strip. And when they get out of the game, they wouldn’t have to worry about missing anything because this is a city that carries on 24 hours a day. You can lose your money any time of the day or night, no problem.

So it boils down to this. You go on a nice four-day vacation to Las Vegas, spend some time at the hotel pool, check out a bunch of different casinos, stuff yourself at a buffet, go to a hockey game while your wife’s at the Cher show, meet up with her afterward, go back to the casinos and win a couple of bucks, take in a free lounge show, then call it a night because it’s now three in the morning and you had no idea.

Does it get any better than that?

4 thoughts on “Hockey In Vegas Probably Makes Some Sense”

  1. Dennis- I’ll admit that your vacation plan sounds good – but that 4 days to Vegas comes at about the same money as a season ticket in the upper deck at the Bell Center…
    I’ll stay home and watch the Habs 41 times at the Bell instead! =)

  2. a team in Vegas…….just as ridiculous as a team in Phoenix, nashville, etc
    god look at the stands…..nobodys there, you’d think they’d figure it out by now

  3. But there is a team in Dallas which really shouldn’t be there either, yet the arena is mostly full all the time… the problem is much less the market the team’s in than it is the performance of the team. When Tampa Bay was a good team, the arena was full. Same with Florida in the late ’90s. And watch Washington these days – they’ve been sold out for 2 years, despite having 10 years with less than 14k average attendance… Same with Chicago. Yet both of these cities are regarded are good hockey markets.

    The big difference, as opposed to teams like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, is that if the on ice product sucks, people will not pay to see the team. That doesn’t mean the market doesn’t deserve a team, it just means the fans aren’t quite as fanatical (dare I say, stupid?) and won’t shell out big bucks to see a shitty team.

  4. Yet I” forget” which team at the moment..but last year during the playoffs a comment was made by the announcers that wow how embarrassing for the team , here they are in the playoffs and yet the stadium was MAYBE 2/3rds full. Some places just aren’t interested in hockey, no matter how good they are

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