Hockey At The Big O. And You Can’t Bring A Telescope

Apparently the Canadiens will be hosting the Washington Capitals at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium in the fall. What this means is, approximately half of the fifty thousand or so who will buy tickets and be there in living colour will watch the game on the big screen. Because they won’t be seeing much down below with the naked eye.

I used to go to Expos games there two or three times a year because I loved the Expos and it was a nice Sunday drive from Ottawa.  But I hated the Big O. Even if I had seats just ten rows back of the dugout, I was still about eight miles from home plate. This place wasn’t designed for baseball, it was designed for giant aliens to go to the bathroom when they invade earth.

So if Olympic Stadium wasn’t at all good for baseball, imagine what it’ll be like for hockey? And there won’t be any room in the seats to set up a telescope, so forget about that. That’s not a flea circus down there, that’s a hockey game. Oh look, there’s Alex Ovechkin! How do I know? I saw him on the big screen.

I live about three thousand miles from Montreal, and I’ll still be able to see the game as good as those there if I stand on a big hill and squint.

One thought on “Hockey At The Big O. And You Can’t Bring A Telescope”

  1. While in the Big O, you shouldn’t be looking down at the field anyway. For safety you should be looking out for the roof collapsing or giant slabs of concrete falling off.

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