Hobo Makes The Habs Telecaster Sing

You may have seen Hobo’s comments on here, and I’d like to tell you a little about this guy. Hobo (Paul) is an old friend, going back 45 years or more, and he was the one guy in our little group who had a real and very cool talent – he was and is a guitar player extraordinaire.

I remember him playing in school assemblies as a young teenager, nailing Purple Haze, and over the years he grew to become one of the best lead guitarists in different bands on the downtown Toronto club circuit. He made the guitar sing and sizzle, he had a presence about him on stage, and I was very proud of him.

I still am, but you know what I mean. I was an aimless punk walking around in circles, and my friend was a rock and roll guitarist.

He and I would sometimes get together and spend hours or all night talking about music and the Habs, and you can tell by some of his comments that he’s very opinionated but also very intelligent with what he says. And Paul’s been a Habs fan for pretty well as long as I have, which is a bit now.

The photo above is of his 1967 Fender Telecaster which was originally clear wood but he painted it red to look more like the one Muddy Waters had. You can also see a small Habs sticker on it, and Paul would delight in pulling out this Habs guitar and strapping it on when he was playing Toronto clubs where Leaf players would go.

When I own the team, which should be soon now, I’m going to ask Hobo to play the national anthem on his Telecaster, like Hendrix did with The Star Spangled Banner.

Hopefully he’ll say yes. I’m sure he will.

9 thoughts on “Hobo Makes The Habs Telecaster Sing”

  1. That’s a mighty fine looking axe. And it was born the same year the Leafs won the cup. Hobo should insure this fine antique instrument.
    I love the idea of him playing O Canada Jimi style. That would raise the Bell Centre roof.
    Can’t wait for you to become owner Dennis.

  2. Sounds like a unique anthem to get the fans cheering early on. You will be an outstanding owner! Does Paul (Hobo) wear a tux or a tie dyed t-shirt with jeans?

  3. Diane, I’m going to ask him to wear a tie dyed shirt with a black bow tie. Yes, it’s true – I’ll be an outstanding owner. And one of the first things I’m going to do is hold an outdoor Winter Classic indoors at the Bell Centre!

  4. diane
    section ll, paragraph 4 of the contract rider states, owner/stickboy shall provide, from the kane collection, a game worn hab sweater of the performer’s choosing to be worn during anthem performance as well as substances of said performer’s choosing for enhancement of performance as well as scantily clad, beautiful french speaking women for visual inhancement. performer shall provide his own bow tie…………. i’m sure dennis’ people will go over all the fine print…. it’s all fine print.

  5. Diane, see performers nowadays? They’re all the same. Some want all the brown M&M’s taken out, others want special wines, and others want scantily-clad French ladies. At least he’s providing his own bow tie.

  6. feetnote:
    honoring tradition of course, the instrumental version of the national anthem WILL be played in both languages.

  7. See Dennis, it’s a cut throat business this ownership! You haven’t purchased the team yet and are embroiled in contract disputes. Make sure you get the scantily clad French-speaking ladies to parade before the contract gets signed. That’s the way to be under the salary cap

  8. Thank you, Diane. That’s sound advice and I’m now considering you to be the team legal expert when I own it. Okay?

  9. Sounds like a plan to me. I only require a small working space, access to great seats during games and some really strong Dennis Kane beer on the weekends.

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