Ho Ho Ho Ho Leafs

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Santa is not only supposed to be kind and cheerful, but we must also expect him to tell the truth. It’s important to teach the children. And heck, if I was Santa, I’d be saying the same thing. Who wouldn’t?

This is what my friend Lawrence sent me from CBC news.

“St. Nick himself made it on to the naughty list this week, as grumpy mall Santas were fired in Maine and in Toronto for rude comments to kids who had come to sit on Santa’s knee.

Mary Trent of Mississauga, Ont., took her son to see Santa on Wednesday at an outdoor Christmas market set up in Toronto’s Distillery District and sponsored by the Lowe’s hardware store chain.

Trent said she was “fuming” after her son’s visit with Santa and posted this on facebook: Trent wrote, “I have a 3 year old and the reason we went there was for him to see Santa. SANTA WAS A JERK! My son waited in line during a cold and snowy afternoon and the first thing Santa told him was that his thick GAP black and red jacket made him look like Paul Bunyan. Then he also pointed out my son’s Toronto Maple leafs winter toque and said he shouldn’t be wearing that and that the Maple leafs suck!”Trent mentioned that her son cried all the way home because of what Santa said about the Leafs.

Mathew Rosenblatt, creator of the market event, confirmed to the Toronto Sun that “The person that had spoken those words is no longer at the Toronto Christmas Market and will not be there in the future.”

Earlier this week, a Santa working at a mall in South Portland, Maine, was fired after complaints that he was rude and wouldn’t let a little girl sit on his lap unless her mother paid $20 for a photograph.


6 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho Ho Leafs”

  1. What a little cry-baby, all that bawling after just being told that the Leafs suck. Imagine what he’ll be like after 40+ years of watching the Leafs suck. Mother Mary should be thanking Santa for doing her job.

    How do mothers know it’s safe to put their child on Santa’s lap? I would hope that they first give it a test sit.

  2. Christopher, speaking of another Mother Mary. She was a virgin who gave birth to Jesus. Does anyone ever feel sorry for husband Joseph, married to a virgin?

  3. I have to give Santa props for the crack about the Leafs. He’ll get extra cookies from me this year.

    Now if he’d only put some reindeer droppings in Bruins’ stockings…and Bettman’s and Fehr’s.

  4. Thus, the need of the oldest profession. Joseph has plenty of company. Hundreds of deities were born of a virgin. Off the top of my head, Osiris, Horus, Krishna, Dionysus, Hercules. Quexalcote, Zeus, Buddha. Although Buddha was born through a slit in the side of his mother, Maya and just goes to show the catholic church is not the only one who has a problem with the vaginal canal of a woman.

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