Hmmm – Which Game Would Get More Viewers?

For all the great Habs fan in the west who don’t have the NHL package or satellite TV or RDS or can’t figure out how to watch on your computer, unfortunately you’re going to have to enjoy the Boston-Montreal extravaganza on radio.

When the puck drops at 7.30 eastern, CBC will be airing Jeopardy and then the Rick Mercer Report.

TSN is showing the Colorado-Minnesota game. I repeat – the Colorado-Minnesota game.

I have RDS, but not everyone does, and….the Colorado-Minnesota game? This is a huge game in Montreal. Gigantic. The game following the last when it was a bloodbath. Two old rivals going toe-to-toe. Intensity, ferociousness, atmosphere to be cut with a chainsaw.

But TSN has decided it’s going to be the Colorado-Minnesota game instead. 

Thanks TSN. Hope you get about twelve viewers.

16 thoughts on “Hmmm – Which Game Would Get More Viewers?”

  1. KGBettman must have come up with this monumental decision on which would draw the bigger amount of viewers. I’d rather watch grass grow!
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  2. It’s also on that funny CTV Habs channel that turns on for some of the Habs games for those of us who are in the Montreal viewing area. We get it in Ottawa, for example.

  3. AC, I guess they think there aren’t that many Habs fans out here. Maybe if they would have been at the Canucks game where there were thousands.

  4. Absolutely, Mike. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t watch a Colorado-Minnesota game even if there was nothing else on.

  5. Dennis, Habs games should be a constitutional right. It’s nonsense that some people have to pay extra to watch them. This is just a cash grab by the league and cable companies.

  6. It’s true, Danno. I think the networks missed the boat on this one. A big game like this…..

  7. Anvilcloud, chalk one up for Bell Satellite TV.
    But how does satellite work regionally?

    Dennis, to me it’s all about the money. Rights to Colorado-Minnesota games -> dirt cheap. Rights to Hab-Bruin games -> big $$$. TSN2 programming is mostly just sports related filler.

    They paid big $$$ for the rights to show curling on their main network, they don’t want to waste their curling money showing a more popular hockey game.

  8. Dennis,

    The build up to toights game is generating a lot of heat, if not much light. One individual in particular caught my eye.

    For someone who was last seen at the Bell Centre polishing the ice with his backside courtesy of PK, Marchand has an awful lot to say for himself.

    Perhaps the same wise old heads that were shaking at PK’s exhuberance might want to have a word with him about this respect business they’re all on about.

    Doubtless he’s a fine hockey player, a loving son and kind to children and animals, but there’s just a hint of the whiny gobshite in there and a sense he can’t take a clean hit.

    Never a good thing this early in a career one feels.

  9. Right on, BB. Funny how some whine about the Canadiens. Are they secretly scared? Love your sentence about the respect business.

  10. I hope the law of Karma takes care of Mr. Chara.

    He deserves to go to jail for what he did to Pacioretty did was absolutely criminal and intentional.

    It just makes me sick.

  11. The second dumbest thing Chara did was to sit in a bus….alone. If I were a man with a bad temper, I would be knocking on that bus door.

  12. My stomach is in knots, Marjo. And although he’s the size he is, I think I’d be the guy knocking on the bus door.

  13. Danno, it was a vicious, sickening hit. And the Bruins are simply a sickening team – Chara, Lucic, Marchand. I can’t stomach them.

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