Hmm, I Think That Might Be……

I’m in a funk today. Do you ever get those? No? Could I have the name of your drug dealer?

The more I see autographs of modern-day hockey players, the more I want to tell them to freakin get off their lazy freakin high horses and take two seconds longer to sign their freakin name so they can be at least sort of read instead of scribbling a mess that is impossible to read except they graciously add their freakin number so people can at least have half a clue.

Millions of bucks a year and you grace your fans with a lousy scribble. Even doctors write better than that.

Did you practice this nonsense? When you were a kid at the ktichen table, did you practice how to scribble your name so no one, including yourself, could read it?

How come you do this? How come you insult your fans like that?

I hate that, you rich, pampered, scribbling assholes.






6 thoughts on “Hmm, I Think That Might Be……”

  1. So true, you look at cards from before the nineties and you can make out a name no prob, was llokin’ on ebay the other day for shits n’ giggles and like you wrote good thing there’s a # there to help a guy out ! With ya 100% on that rant.

  2. Dennis, I have Bob Pulford’s autograph on a CYO hockey crest and you can read every letter. Same with Bill White and Ron Ellis.

  3. Hi Don. Yes, it’s only players now who scribbled like that. I hate it. Bobby Hull has a beautiful sig. Beliveau. Howe. Richard. Even Gretzky and Lafleur can be read. But with newer guys, it’s ridiculous.

  4. Here’s a theory Dennis from someone who has been teaching elementary for the past 2o+ years. Today people have less and less need to know how to hand-write. A lot of work is done on the computer or smart phone, we have email, texting, twitter, and probably some others all of which require no physical hand writing skill. Homework is usually done on a computer, my students at 10 and 11 years of age print everything and it makes sense as that is the form of everything they read. I don’t personally see it as a big deal but there is a problem as you have pointed out, a signature is written not printed and is accepted legally. So if all you do is print how then can you sign your name? This isn’t the only reason but I really believe it plays a part. Just as an aside if I do find a student who can write very well it is often a girl.

  5. That might be it, DJ. Computers and smart phones have changed the world for sure. I never realized it would affect writing so much. My main beef is that for all the money they make, they could show a little more respect to the fans. Also DJ, when we drove across last month on our way to Montreal, we spent the night in Kenora!

  6. And I missed you, damn, should have been paying more attention! I hope you had a nice stay in my little town, you went through at the best time.

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