Hitchhiking With “My Girlfriend”

It’s Northern Ontario, Luci’s sleeping, and so I’m firing up the computer to tell you some hitchhiking/trucker tales.

Three times I’ve hitchhiked across the country – once with Frank, and twice with a girlfriend from back then. It was easier with Frank.

My girlfriend and I were stuck where everyone gets stuck – Wawa, a place north of Sault Ste. Marie, infamous for hitchhikers spending hours or days trying to get a ride. Everyone dreaded Wawa. It’s in the middle of nowhere, with only the odd traveling salesman or truck going by.

There was a telephone pole there with dozens of names of hitchhikers scratched on it, along with the hours or days they’d stood there. We added ours at some point.

She and I stood on the side of the road for much of the day, and in the early evening decided to give up and get the sleeping bags out. We found a place, laid down for a few minutes, and shortly after, the sky was covered with black flies deciding to eat us.

We couldn’t sleep, got up, and stood on the highway all night with our sleeping bags draped over our heads. It truly sucked.

One truck stopped with two men in it, and promptly told us they only had room for my girlfriend. We passed on their generous offer.

The next morning, a big car-carrier semi pulled over, and the driver put us in a brand new car in the back, which was completely illegal but maybe the best ride I’d ever had. He let us off before he reached the truck scales near Winnipeg.

In Regina, a North American Van Lines semi stopped for us. He was a younger blond-haired fellow taking furniture to Victoria and I thought we couldn’t have been any luckier. Nice, friendly truck driver. He needed some company.

Somewhere along the line I climbed into the sleeper for a nap. Hitchhiking can be tiring. And what a great way to travel, sleeping on a small and comfortable mattress as the miles zoom by.

When I woke up, I opened the curtain to ask where we were, and my girlfriend and the truck driver were holding hands.

I told him to stop, got out, and hitchhiked the rest of the to way to the coast by myself. It took awhile, and I felt like a piece of shit.

My girlfriend showed up a few days later looking sad. She apologized and asked me not to tell anyone because she was embarrassed. She then went back to Victoria to see the truck driver again.



4 thoughts on “Hitchhiking With “My Girlfriend””

  1. Ha ha Well at least she did’nt take your sleeping bag and go to the island with “Ollie”….or did she?

  2. Hey Dennis……all of us have stories to tell……even Rugger (lol). You got to think that the gal landed on welfare and had four kids to four different dads and lived to regret it……and you dodged a bullet there. Hope the travel east is a safe and enjoyable one for you. Cheers from Waterloo. Iain

  3. Hey Dennis, I hope you are enjoying the reminiscing as much as I am reading about your trips across the country. I crossed Canada by car just before I turned 6. My family and I were moving from St John New Brunswick to Port Alice B.C. I bet you have a lot of experiences to share.

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