Hit That Ball, Simona

I’d like to apologize to any women who might be offended by the following, but heck, you get to see 40 guys every time there’s a hockey game, while the only females we see are Mike Milbury and a couple of Toronto Maple leafs.

Wimbledon begins in a few days and I feel I should focus on one of the lesser stars at the tournament. It’s always the same players who get the publicity, but there are many others who make the sport of womens’ tennis what it is. Hot.

So, today I’d like to introduce you to a 2011 Wimbledon hopeful, 5’5″ Romanian Simona Halep, rated number three in her homeland but number one in the hearts of men everywhere.

Go Simona.


11 thoughts on “Hit That Ball, Simona”

  1. Thanks Michel,
    I guess it’s pretty hard to play top-level tennis witha top-level like that.

  2. Could you imagine if she really was a tennis pro?? You KNOW audience heads wouldn’t be bobbling left to right, following the ball!!!

  3. Dennis, you never fail to impress me with your world-view of topics.

    Nice to see you enjoying your summer break.

  4. Dennis I think more women will take offence to having idiot Mike Milbury and a bunch of loser Maple Leafs called female.

  5. Oh my God!!! I thought it was a joke!! I was thinking you got your Russian nephew to Photoshop.

    Unreal that they’re real, wow.

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