Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Fellow blogger Yves (Yves on Habs) has turned me on to this turn of events. Air Canada, one of the league’s biggest and most important sponsors, is threatening to pull out entirely from their relationship with the NHL following the non-action regarding headshots etc. as witnessed Tuesday when Zdena Chara mugged Max Pacioretty, almost killing him in the process, and then walking away scot free. 

The article involving Air Canada can be seen right here, from the Toronto Sun.

12 thoughts on “Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts”

  1. Some more good news. Patches is speaking out against the non-suspension:


    Frankly I’m just glad he can think and understands what’s going on. Also, he did not forget what happened so I believe that his concussion wasn’t as bad as I initially feared.

    But he should take it easy and let Gauthier deal with it at the GM’s meeting Monday.

    ps. My mom’s a former doctor and she told me it takes 6 weeks for bones to heal so the 2 month diagnosis is correct. However, an injury to the spine is serious and it depends upon the fracture. He will most likely have to remain in bed without any movement. Which is really sad. If this was an arm or a shoulder like Cammy’s situation at least he’d be able to keep his legs strong. 🙁 We’ll continue to pray for him.

  2. Bravo Max!

    It’s a sad state of affairs when virtually the only voice speaking out comes from the victim.

    I’m really glad to hear he’s able to think and speak so clearly already.

    (Mike) Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong is totally excusable.

  3. All it took was a suspension. THAT’S ALL IT TOOK, and all of this bad publicity would have been averted. But I guess this is what the NHL wants: over excessive drama

  4. You’ve got to hit them where it hurts like you said Dennis because the NHL is too f—-ing stupid to do the right thing.

    Howls of outrage are coming from the politicians in Ottawa over this ugly affair. But you have to wonder whether or not they are sincere or just going after votes.

    If they really mean what they are saying then why don’t they instruct the NHL that the government will pull out of PRO LINE and Mise-o-jeu.

    I’m not sure, but doesn’t the NHL receive money from the government for being part of those sports lotteries?

    And even if they don’t why would a government that condemns the NHL on one hand promote it through sports lotteries on the other?

    Money talks and BS walks.

  5. Dennis,

    Having read carefully what the league, the union and the experts have had to say about how it’s really down to a combination of poor judgement by Max and poor construction by the Bell Centre, why are the flag boys or mascots or whatever getting off scot free. Didn’t they hand in this too?

    Getting more disillusioned by the hour

  6. I’m disillusioned too, BB. I should’ve started a blog about the glorious days, the golden days of hockey from years gone by, and never minded with this crap.

  7. It’s all it would have taken, Phil. A lousy two or three game suspension. Once again the NHL shoots itself in the foot.

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