His Dad Was………

In the picture below, four Orillia minor hockey players smile for the camera. But the father of one of these young players played 27 games in the NHL, scoring one goal, no assists, and collected 31 penalty minutes.

Who was the father, what team did he play for, and when?

(In the article it also mentions that John French, who would eventually play for the New England Whalers, and Dennis Cain – me, mispelled, scored for the Imperials in the squirt division. But that has nothing to do with the quiz.)

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  1. After his brief career in the NHL he was traded for cash and played three seasons in the AHL, first to the Buffalo Bisons (1943-45) and then with the St. Louis Flyers (1945-46).

  2. Yes Christopher and Danno, it’s Jack Dyte, who was my midget coach and dad of John Dyte. I thought for sure this one would take longer. Silly me.

  3. Saw the picture and it sure brought back memories. I was on the Bulldozers team. Gerry Varey was a star. He pushed the puck ahead and chased it – hard fellow to stop. Our goaltender was John Mundell (before he switched to forward and played Jr A for Kitchener). Rick McNeil was on that team as well as Grenville Bray, Bill Prowse and John McLeod. Have the team picture from the Packet and Times at home. My dad was the coach. Believe Jim Newman (Town Jewellers) coached the Imperials.

  4. Great, Mike. Some of those names I don’t know – Bill Prowse, John McLeod. And didn’t you and I play on a same team too at some point?

  5. Dennis – in the first year of Pee Wee house league we had John French, Rick Ley and Glen Drinkle on our team – I never touched the puck – at the half way point they evened out the teams – two future NHL’ers on the same team !

  6. Hi Mike. Geez, Glen Drinkle is a name from the past. I remember him a sa good athlete and good guy. A year ot two older. I wonder what ever happened to him.

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