High Times for Max And P.K.


For those who came here by mistake, don’t follow hockey, and are unsure of who’s who, Max is the one in the blue shirt.

Great news this week concerning P.K. Subban and Max Pacioretty. One who gave and one who received.

First with the Subbanator, who only a few days ago donated a cool ten million bucks (over seven years), to Montreal’s Children’s Hospital.

What a gesture by the 2015-16 Norris Trophy winner and key  member of next spring’s Stanley Cup-winning team. A big-hearted man of the people, and a guy with lots of money.

Rocket Richard gave to charities, visited hospitals, and accepted invitations to countless banquets, not only because certain duties were required, but because he truly loved kids. But in his day, if he’d handed over even a grand to a hospital, his house might have gone into foreclosure.

Whatever. Rocket then, P.K. now – it’s about caring and helping and loving kids and beating the shit out of the Leafs and Bruins.

We now tap our fingers and wait for Erik Karlsson to do something almost as good as what P.K. did. Is it possible? Or is P.K. truly one of a kind?

Maybe Patrick Kane might want to think about doing something like this too.


P.K. and the boys cast their votes, and Max Pacioretty was chosen by his buddies as Montreal’s newest wearer of the iconic C. A great honour and Max deserves it. He’s a class act on and off the ice, a dangerous sharpshooter, and obviously popular with his teammates.

Maybe his French leaves much to be desired, but hopefully some media folk and fans don’t get their shorts in a knot and just suck it up and let it be.

Habs fans missed having a captain last year, and now the letter is back in place. Max will look terrific when he accepts the Stanley Cup from wee Bettman next June.

Last year I sat with Max, Brendan Gallagher, Brandon Prust, and Tomas Plekanec at a table while they signed autographs, and while Prust and Plekanec hardly said a word and left as soon as they could, Max and Gally were as friendly as can be to all concerned, and stayed afterward and met people connected with the event.

Max’s dad and I have exchanged emails over the past several years, and I might sound like Don Cherry or Glenn Healy here, but I told Mr. Pacioretty a couple of years back that I thought his son would make a fine captain.

And because I mentioned Rocket’s house a few paragraphs ago, here’s a photo of it, situated in the north end of Montreal (Ahuntsic), where he raised a family while scaring the bejesus out of opposing forwards, defencemen, and goalies.

It’s a beautiful house on a corner lot, with a park and river across the street, and the main difference now, compared to when Maurice and his gang lived there, is the upper part, which is completely different than the original dwelling. That and different windows.

I took Lucy to see it, and she seemed impressed that it was Rocket’s house. I stress the word “seemed.”


Here’s the original if you feel like comparing.



6 thoughts on “High Times for Max And P.K.”

  1. I would have preferred PK**, but Max is an excellent choice for captain. Hockey players are generally quiet and reserved so it’s not surprising to me that the team voted for Max over the more outgoing and exuberant PK. With Subban as captain, every media event would become an interesting event, rather than the usual sequence of clichés.

    ** Actually I would have preferred if Markov had been named captain 6 years ago, but he didn’t want it, and we eventually ended up with the excellent second choice of Gionta. Markov as captain, who will retire as a Canadien, would finally have ended our string of captains to be traded or let go. It better end with Pacioretty.

  2. Thanks Christopher. I prefer Max over PK, but if they had named PK I would’ve been okay with it. I’m just glad it’s done. We needed a captain. Markov for me wouldn’t have been great with the post game interviews. That was his downfall. It would have been quite bland. His leadership skills are on on the ice but in today’s day and age, it has to be both. I wasn’t crazy about Gionta as captain. He didn’t exude Montreal Canadiens captain aura.

  3. DK, I like the choice of Max, he’s calmer more like Mr. Beliveau while PK might be just a little too wired up & get on the Refs nerves. Looking forward to the upcoming season with renewed high expectations!

  4. I like the choice too, Mike. And I’m glad the C is back in place. We need the captain to hoist the Cup.

  5. I like Max as well…..to the point of clitches I truly believe PK tosses them out more than almost anyone I have listened to with the exception of Gionta….man that guy was BORING. Anyhow I would have been okay with PK but still preferred Max… now let’s hope for a great season and huge post season. With luck avoiding injuries we will be tough to beat along with several other teams I suspect.

  6. Hi Cliff. Gionta sure was boring. I was never a fan of him being captain and just glad the page has turned. The big thing about Max being made captain was that his teammates voted. That says a lot, and I wonder how disappointed PK is. Looking toward to an exciting and successful season. Go Habs!

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