Hide This From The Big Studios

Andrei Markov, Maxim Lapierre, Mike Cammalleri, Hal Gill, and Brian Gionta pose for the cover of Elle Quebec.

They shouldn’t do this. If Hollywood producers see this cover, they just may entice them to move to Tinseltown to become leading men opposite Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie and the team is decimated and virtually screwed.

3 thoughts on “Hide This From The Big Studios”

  1. You know, somewhere out there Sean Avery is very jealous.

    BTW, if you caught the video Hal Gill was saying that he had some stuff planned that was similar to this. I wonder if we’ll be seeing a HG75 clothing line or something.

  2. Habby, he looks sharp enough to have a clothing line. They all do. Hopefully Sean Avery is jealous, and hopefully he’ll also never play for the Habs. Imagine. (even though he can be effective).

  3. They’ll drain our pockets even after they retire. ;_; Haha, having him as a Hab would cause a lot of problems for the media but would keep the team looking fabulous.

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