Hi Yo Silver!

It’s got nothing to do with the Habs last night, and nothing to do with the Bruins game coming up.

But take my word for it, you need a break from the tension, because it won’t do you any good in the long run. You’re gonna end up with clumps of hair falling out, a finger and toe nail-biting habit, and blue meth and heroin’s just around the corner.

Can’t have that, so without further ado – 1944 at Chicago Stadium…

Lone Ranger

3 thoughts on “Hi Yo Silver!”

  1. Dennis, blue meth and heroin are ineffective painkillers for the kind of torture the Habs keep putting us through.

    What we need is a nice cold pint of DKRSFB! 🙂

  2. A good snort of 4-aces with Drambuie, scotch, Mescal,Tequila and brandy.!! That’s why I don’t drink no more– too much ba booska over the years. In it’s day the RANGER was my brother, I was Tonto and we acted out what we heard on the radio. Well one nite they hung Tonto and the Ranger rescued him at last moment. So what happens in Murray Township a few nites later?– we hang Tonto at the bedroom window and the Ranger gonna cut him down SOON–we didn’t figure in that Ranger had to go to the toilet!!! They got to Tonto too late for good and just before too late by a whisker. So we had too act out our heroes doings away from Mom and Dad’d eye-range and ear shot. But oh how we cherished those radio shows.Made me into a Habs fan!!! Dennis your posts are bringing back my youth—Glory Daze, Glory daze–Bruce Springstien. Thanks

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