Hi-Tech Question From A Lo-Tech Guy

When I click on the YouTube site, all the wording is in Russian for some reason. And I don’t know how to make it English. If anybody knows how I can fix this, please feel free to tell me. I’ll even make you Official Computer¬†Person when I own the team. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Hi-Tech Question From A Lo-Tech Guy”

  1. If you accidentally changed your language preference to Russian, go the the top right corner of the homepage, and click on your login name, then ???????. On the bottom left it should say ????: ???????, click on ???????, and then in should give you language options, so you can change back to English.

    If you have a specific page that you want to translate from Russian to English, you could use Babelfish (http://babelfish.yahoo.com/) and insert the URL into the appropriate box.

    Hopefully that is helpful.

  2. Sorry, all the Cyrillic looks like it’s changed into question marks. That should be (AkkayHt), (BackwardsR3bIk: Pycckuu), (Pycckuu).

  3. Thank you, WGMorgan. Unless it comes back, it’s all fixed now. Appreciate your time very much.

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