7 thoughts on “Hey You…………..Merry Christmas!”

  1. Did you ever notice the DICK GAMBLE look of the metal player ?

    Almost exactly the team photo used by BeeHive and Parkhurst (1952), but in the then home white jersey ?
    Just speculating though.
    Joyeux Noël !

  2. Hi Pierre. Yes, several years ago I wrote a post about that being Dick Gamble. And Joyeux Noel to you and yours too. Hope you have a great Christmas and great 2018.

  3. Merry Christmas Dennis from our family to yours – from a snowy Christmas Eve in Orillia.
    I have very fond memories of your dad Ernie-he did a wonderful oil painting of our first home in Orillia at 185,John St . We received it as a gift on our 25 th anniversary – I actually got Ernie to do a painting of our son’s first home on Cowan St before your dad passed away . And I so enjoyed the tour of your family home when Ernie showed me his paintings on stones, chairs, etc. He so missed your mom!
    He was an extraordinarily talented man – ahead of his times for sure . Our connection is through Ken Marshall who worked with your dad at AnnisWay Signs ( I think) Ken’s son – Doug is our brother in law .
    Sadly Doug’s younger sister Sharon passed away this year from complications of lung surgery at age 55 – a life long smoker – but not did not have lung cancer .
    That us the update from Orillia.
    Hope Santa is good to you and your family.,

  4. Just great to hear from you, Marg, and thanks for saying such nice things about my dad. I was really proud of his talent, it was amazing to watch him create, signs especially, and he even at one time tried to teach me but we both gave up because I’m left handed and my hand would drag through the fresh paint.
    I sure remember Ken Marshall, a really nice fellow, and he and dad got along well and had their beer sessions at our house. Mom would always tell Ken to watch his language around us kids.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Marg. Thanks for your great words.

  5. You are right about Ken’s language around kids. He was a great guy in many ways but I really member many Christmases spent. with the Marshalls in the early years in Bracebridge and Ken was always a little rough around the edges. Doreen was a sweetheart though and died so young. (65_ in my now opinion it is young . ) .
    Ken had a good heart though and he would be surprised to see what his grandkids have accomplished ,- a few have done very well – and a few not so great – as in all families .
    All the best for the New Year.
    We really enjoy your blog – I am not a native Orillian – but have lived here for 49 years now so should soon qualify .
    All the best for 2018 . J

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