Hey Sidney, Can I Have Your Stick?

With the Dallas Stars in Montreal tonight, I’m hoping Habs players have enjoyed a nice rest and a lovely time with the wife and kids, and are now biting at the bit and are ready to destroy all comers. And what better time to re-hash my old Mike Ribeiro story.

I was never a Mike Ribeiro fan when he was a Montreal Canadien. I found him to be a yappy non-achiever who hid behind bigger teammates when the going got rough. He liked to smile at guys who wanted a piece of him, to show he wasn’t afraid and they were lucky they couldn’t reach him.

In some circles, one would call him a weasel.

In Ribeiro’s last season in Montreal, 2005-2006, Montreal was playing Pittsburgh and the score was close and the game was tense. There was an open mic nearby when, during a stop in play during this crucial and serious game, Ribeiro skated over to Sidney Crosby and with a big, friendly smile on his face, asked Crosby if he could have his stick after the game. The heck with the game, the stick was the big thing.

Long-gone Habs must have rolled over in their graves.

I saw and heard this and when I did, I wanted him gone. And he was soon after, sent to Dallas in September of 2006 for Janne Niinimaa, which in itself wasn’t a great trade for Montreal but at this point, I would’ve given him away for two rolls of tape and an old fedora.

Ribeiro probably got his stick, Crosby probably asked himself how an opposing player could do that, and now Ribeiro is one of Dallas’ best players.

And I’m sure Ribeiro has a nice stick collection.

One thought on “Hey Sidney, Can I Have Your Stick?”

  1. Hey Dennis;I dont remember that incident but remember not bein all that impressed with Ribeiro’s actions on ice.He was a talented player when he was with he Habs but I did notice a cockiness to him,which I’m sure a lot of younger players have,he just didnt seem to lose this anchor.I dont think it wa a good trade for The Habs,although you never know maybe they got to keep his stick collection.

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