Hey Scrapbookin, Whatcha Got Cookin?

This episode begins with a reply from Sam Pollock after I’d asked the team when I was a kid if I could be stick boy for one game. Good old Sam said if they did it for me they have to do it for others too so I’ll just have to be content to watch and enjoy instead. Give the letter a couple of clicks and make it bigger.

Also, Jean Beliveau does some modeling at Christmas, and a host of other things I hope you like.

And for any of you who may not know, all of my scrapbook posts can be found by going over to “Categories” on the right-hand side and scrolling down to “The Old Scrapbook.”

4 thoughts on “Hey Scrapbookin, Whatcha Got Cookin?”

  1. sam is a smart man. had he known at the time that you would be a future owner/stick boy of the team i’m sure an exception would have been made.

  2. Hey Dennis, I once had a cat,(actually my daughters)that was named Hab.She passed away about a year and a half ago,but was born just before the Habs last cup win in 93.

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