Hey Max, The Game Wasn’t THAT Long

Max Pacioretty posted on Twitter last night that “this game is longer than Marchand’s nose.”

Later, he apologized. “I was trying to to be funny earlier, and it didn’t work. I apologize to Marchand and won’t try to be funny that way in the future.”

You should apologize, Max. How dare you say the double overtime game was longer than Marchand’s nose. Everyone knows that Marchand’s nose is way longer than a four-hour hockey game.

What you also could’ve said was, “The Horton goal was greasier than Brad Marchand.” Or in the future, if a dirty hit occurs, you could say, “That hit was uglier than Brad Marchand.” Or you could also say, “Gerry the turtle is smarter than Brad Marchand.”

C’mon Max. No way was the game longer than Marchand’s nose.

One thought on “Hey Max, The Game Wasn’t THAT Long”

  1. or that move by Brent Soppel to play the puck with his glove instead of his stick was ‘dumber’ than Shawn Thornton; ‘ or ‘Coach Clod Julian is almost as young as Mark Recchi’;

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