Hey Hab Haters, We’re Good People

There’s a reason why the world is so chock full of Habs haters. And it’s not even all about the team.

It’s also about us, of course.

In way too many hockey fans’ minds we’ve been smug and spoiled and all-round nauseating. We must have this inner, holier-than-thou built-in peace because our team has done so well over the years and theirs hasn’t and it’s pissed off grandfathers and fathers and brothers and sisters and mistresses all over the place.

I think it’s some kind of self-esteem/paranoia thing.

The seeds were sown over many decades when things went right for us, and generations have evolved, like cro-magnon man into Brad Marchand, into the disliking of the team we like, even in the worst of times. Like now. I don’t understand it. Maybe they don’t really either. We loves babies and puppies and walk little old ladies across the street. We’re salt of the earth.

And then there’s Canucks fans.

Oh, the smugness when a Canucks fan talks to a Habs fan. The deckhands where I work and the guys at the building centre where I buy my nuts and bolts and the guys I sometimes drink beer with. Egads. They all have that smile, with that look in their eyes, a look that says our team sucks and theirs is fantastic and it looks good on us because we won a lot because we had the rights to Quebec players for so many years.

They’re loving that their team has been a powerhouse for a few years now while we scramble every year to make 8th place or worse. Don’t worry, they say giving off a slight grin, you should get a good draft pick. And then they walk away with this quite sickening look on their faces if I do say so myself.

These people might not be going to heaven. They might be going to that other place – where Bruins fans go.

And I’ve got news for you Canuckleheads. Your team hasn’t won a thing in 41 years of trying. Since you’ve been in the league, the Habs have celebrated eight times. And yes, the Buffalo Sabres, who joined the league the same time as you, haven’t won anything either, if that’s your argument. But I’ll bet that same crooked grin isn’t found nearly as often in Buffalo as it is in Vancouver, on ferry boats up the coast, and at the building centre where I buy my nuts and bolts..

And in case you’re trying to forget, Canucks fans, I’ll remind you. Teams who were born after your team, and who have actually gotten the job done, include the New York Islanders (4 times), Edmonton (5 times), New Jersey (3 times), Colorado (twice) and Anaheim, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. And yes, yes, I know. You didn’t have the luxury of a Wayne Gretzky or Brian Trottier in your lineup, but you had Moe Lemay and Tiger Williams so what’s your point?

We’ll accept your smugness, because that’s what we do. Geez, I think we’re practically saints.

14 thoughts on “Hey Hab Haters, We’re Good People”

  1. Fans can be pretty funny because so many of them become so smug so easily. Yeah Vancouver is great but really, what have they really won? The President’s Trophy. Wow. They won their Conference. Wow again. We all know what everyone wants is the Cup.

    Let them brag all the want but until the Cup is in their hands, they’re just an “also-ran” team. Their best chance was last year and they BLEW IT. They could have killed Boston (everyone pretty much thought it) but instead they didn’t bother to show up. Yep, that’s a team of champions now isn’t it?

    Try not to kick them into the ocean Dennis even though it’s tempting. Your last laugh will be when they get bounced early in the playoffs and down the line when we win another one before they even get their first.

  2. I don’t know any Canuck fans myself but the ones I have heard I agree have this figgin massive swagger about them….

    You are right … They have not won anything in the teams history…

    The Sedin twins could be the Canucks undoing again ….

    Leaf fans don’t have swagger thats for sure ..But we do take up a lot of space due to the size of Leaf Nation (one hated phrase of Leaf haters) and we live in this huge bubble of eternal optimism as we overrate our players in desperation hope…

    You Hab fans are very passionate and its true you have been spoilt with greats teams….A big test of your patience will be a really prolonged drought of years…

  3. Darth, the Canucks are trying to toughen up after lesson learned against Boston. But we’ll see. Something usually happens, like Luongo playing lousy.

  4. Ah however they have a biligual coach and are without a Gomez. But then it’s hard to predict the future when you live in the past.

  5. Beatnik, everyone thinks we live in the past but it’s not the case. We’ve embraced our Rocket and Beliveau etc but we still are modern fans cheering for our modern team.

  6. I don’t live in the past but I certainly long for it sometimes. To see how we were and compare it to now….yeesh what a heartache. I still say someone needs to give management a good kick in the arse for this mess.

    Leafs Fan: I can say that I saw some serious swagger on Saturday when we lost. Boy did they ever stick it to us. Most of it was pretty funny though I have to say. I wish I could have recorded some of it because there were some good laughs to be had. The guy I had beside me came out with some real zingers about his own team and ours.

    As far as I know Carlyle isn’t bilingual. We may have Gomez but they have Komisarek. Sadly we also have Kaberle. So we lose again. Sigh.

  7. Dennis, just a note to say keep up the great work.
    yours is the first site I go to for a good habs read.
    And I am spreading the word,My brother in Sooke…
    now a big fan.
    P.S. I have a Cournoyer storie for you some day.

  8. As a die hard for life Hab fan I have endured like the rest of you the last almost 20 years of waiting for 25. I do however wish the Canucks had won the cup last year as I have a ton of Bruin fans all around my hometown. I had been able to say to them the next time the Bruins win the cup was only on ESPN CLASSIC(reruns of Bobby Orr days) but sadly now I have to find something else to say to those evil people. Any ideas please cuz we are out of it for this year and the hurt is piling up. Go habs Go! Also not a big fan of drafting a big center as I would prefer a scoring winger ala Kovalchuk style or someone else like that. We already have playmaking centers but only one group (line) of scoring wingers. We need to shoot the puck to score. As someone far smarter than me said you can”t score unless you shoot the puck.

  9. Marc, to hear something like that really makes my day. Thanks a lot. Please send along your Cournoyer story. I’d love that. Email it or put it in a comment or however way you want. And also, hi to your brother in Sooke! Are you guys going to the game on Saturday in Vancouver?

  10. Dra, I think the Bruios deserved to beat the Canucks because they played playoff hockey and the Canucks didn’t. But having said that, the Bruins received so many breaks during that year it makes me sick. So on one hand they deserved it and on the other they didn’t. Tell those fans that when you’re feeling down, you have a look once again at the Don Cherry too-many-men-on-the-ice game, and it brightens your day!
    I think you’re right. We don’t need a playmaker as much as we need a game-breaker. A sharpshooter. A 40 plus goal scorer. Oh, to dream.

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