Hey Gord, Your Canucks Are Simply Too Friggin’ Fantastic For Words

The following are excerpts from an article in Tuesday’s Vancouver Province, written by sports writer Gordon McIntyre. Big words from a guy whose favourite team hasn’t won a thing in 40 years of existence.

It’s titled “What Happened To Proud CH?” And subtitled “Habs are on downward slide, so will Canucks play down there too?”

“Maybe Roch Carrier is at this moment penning a new sequel to The Hockey Sweater, a new book about a crest-fallen Quebec boy whose mom accidentally orders a Canadiens jersey from craigslist instead of the Senators sweater he dreamed of.

The original title of Carrier’s classic novella translates as “An abominable Maple Leaf on the ice,” and at the rate his beloved Habs are going that famous ‘CH’ is getting awfully close to abominability territory too.”

“Scott Gomez, who scrapes by on $8 million US a season, has seven goals. Brian Gionta, who makes $5 million, fares a bit better with 14 goals, but Bob Gainey’s master scheme to acquire players who he thought could sneak between opposing defencemen’s legs isn’t panning out.”

“There’s a goaltending controversy, floaters are floating, the defence, outside of Andrei Markov, is a patchwork of No. 5 and No. 6 guys.”

“The one thing going for the Canadiens tonight is the Canucks manage to play down to the league’s lesser lights.”

11 thoughts on “Hey Gord, Your Canucks Are Simply Too Friggin’ Fantastic For Words”

  1. Thanks, Topham. It’s such a beautiful thing that the Habs, although outshot, won that game. And Canucks fans wonder why I’m not fan? What really got me was the part where he said the Canucks might play down to the Habs level.

  2. Hey Dennis;Yes what an insult to the Canucks eh.This guy just writes for the sake of putting something on paper.The guys at work were all beefing up the thought of the Canucks beating the shit out of the lowly Habs as well,I don’t bask in the glory of a win like that,I don’t even say i told you so because that would be unCanadian,I just smile ,good enough

  3. Dennis, I don’t think he’s referring to the CH in our universe. In his universe
    – power-play goals don’t count
    – having 2 quality goalies is a problem
    – Daniel Sedin’s 16 goals for $6.1M is a bargain
    – only 5 teams will make the Eastern conference playoffs

  4. So is this a case of another “legitimate” reporter acting not as a reporter but as a cheerleader for the team he covers? Wow, how professional. I wonder what he’s saying now after the loss to Ottawa? Does he dredge up something about the Heatly fiasco or does he wait for the Canuck PR department to email him his column?

  5. Come on, Dennis…..hoping for a deep slump
    …nay nay. We’ll see about Boston in the morning. Go Canucks.

  6. Jan. It’s just because of this story. “Canucks might play down to the Habs.” I took great offence in that statement.

  7. Dennis – Who is this hack writer? Saying such things about your noble team. Ouch! Beat the stuffings out Canucks and then send them to us, so we can chew them up and spit them out.

    Good to be the underdog!

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