Hey Ghosts, Break’s Over

Sent over by Mike McKim, this article in Grantland.com – Battling the Ghosts by Sean McIndoe, talks about the Habs/ Lightning series, the old Forum and it’s replacement the Bell Centre, along with the distance between the two barns in different ways.

McIndoe also notes the apparent absence of Forum ghosts who were suppose to pack up and move over when the old cathedral closed its doors, but seem to be taking their time. If they came at all.

Contrary to what many think, I believe the Forum ghosts did make their way over to the Bell Centre in 1996, but they’ve had so much fun reminiscing, with the hangovers never ending and good times just rolling along, and they simply haven’t gotten around to modern day Habs teams yet, except for some fine times against Boston.

And they were on the job in the 2010 playoffs, at least for a few magical rounds. But all in all, they’ve really slacked off.

I can’t blame the ghosts. They welcome old buddies almost non-stop, so they party hard and tell tall tales, and lately, with Jean and Gilles and Elmer and Dollard and coach Ruel moving upstairs, there’s way too much to do in just a short amount of time.

Guys have to come from all corners of heaven to meet at the rebuilt Toe Blake’s Tavern. Fedora’s have to be dusted off. Someone has to be in charge of cigars at the corner tobacco store. It’s been tradition to have music greet the new guys, so Benny Goodman or Sinatra or Elvis have to be rounded up and sent to Toe’s.

So much to do, and we expect them to do more? Yes we do, because we believe in a serious work ethic from our ghosts,

It’s time to get off your behinds, ghosts. The boys down below need some guidance. Morenz only took 7 years after passing before lending a helping hand. What’s going on, Rocket? What’s the holdup?

And surely Toe and Dick Sr. can get the power play in sync, although it appears they might already be working on it.

All of you. Coffee break’s over. Up and at ’em.





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  1. CBS confirmed Callahan won’t be back for tomorrow’s game.


    From WebMD:

    Appendectomy: What to Expect:
    Within 12 hours of surgery you may get up and move around. You can usually return to normal activities in two to three weeks. If surgery is done with a laparoscope (a thin telescope-like instrument for viewing inside the abdomen), the incision is smaller and recovery is faster.

  2. Thanks for posting the photo of Toe Blake’s Tavern….one of my favorite haunts. My buddies and I would go in there and order a table of draft beer which was ridiculously cheap in those days…..chow down on McGarry Sausages with lots of mash and gravy…. At Christmas time the waiters would come around with two free glasses of draft beer and a cigar compliments of Toe. ..,.good times! It was sad to see the place go….but Toe would rather shutter his doors than have his place turn into a Brasserie and see women in a place that for many men represented a fortress of solitude.
    Rarely did you see Toe….he use to spend most of his time squirrelled away in his office. On the last day at Toe’s I asked Cliff the waiter to get Toe’s autograph for me…which he did. Still have it!

  3. Thanks for the shot of the original Toe Blake’s tavern. My grandfather, an usher at the old Forum for 30+ years starting in the 1930s, would drink there quite often.

  4. Hi Travis. The stories your grandpa woukd’ve been able to tell. That’s a man I would’ve loved to sit down and chat with.

  5. I was in there just a few times, Ed, when friends and I would come down from Ottawa for games. I remember the male waiters, and the big player pictures on the wall. I talked to Doug Harvey’s son about a decade ago and asked him about those big pictures and he said he thought Toe’s son Bruce brought them home after the place closed. Toe’s autograph is quite desirable for collectors and it’s cool about you getting it there.

  6. I forgot to mention that I took that photo of Toe Bkake’s when I was about 14 on a bus trip to Montreal to see a game.

  7. ‘preciate your loyalty and respect for our heroes of by-gone daze Mike! But how about—4 in a row for us selfish, impatient, crusty coots.

  8. Fun Fact:

    Since the Sochi Olympics last year, Carey Price is now 7-0 in elimination games, while posting an amazing .972 save percentage.

    Habs in Seven

  9. Totally off subject, I have a Canadian iTunes $25 gift card I can’t redeem (yea USA). For free. Let me know if you’d like it…

  10. Marjo, Plekanec was a huge disappointment in these playoffs. How come? He’s not that old. And for you I hope you and your family have a tremendous summer. Thanks for being so awesome. You’ve always been a true delight here.

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