“Hey Doug, Someday There Will Be A Team In Vancouver.” “Hah, That’s Funny. Good One, Gerry.”

Doug Harvey and Gerry McNeil share a joke at a time when Montreal played well almost on a nightly basis; when life was simpler, and when there were no Canucks fans yet. “Vancouver kids learn to skate on the frozen Pacific Ocean,” quipped Harvey, and they both chuckled.

harvey and mcneil

11 thoughts on ““Hey Doug, Someday There Will Be A Team In Vancouver.” “Hah, That’s Funny. Good One, Gerry.””

  1. See what I have to endure, Moey. The fifth most annoying fans in North America. Interesting. I’m going to use this from time to time. Hey Canucks fans, take a good look at yourself. Your in the top five most annoying. Thanks for this Moey. (and they really are annoying. Except Jordy, who likes the Habs a little bit.) But Lawrence, Brian, Jan etc. – they should learn from us humble Habs fans.

  2. haha that’s funny.Good one Dennis.As far as top 10 most annoying…HAha We beat ya on that too!!! Seasons only just started tho’……

  3. Lawrence, I’m not going to waste my time with a comment. You’re the reason Canucks fans are fifth most annoying.

  4. Absolutely, Derry. I’ve never seen bandwagon-jumpers like Canucks fans. And not only that, they were the ones who got ugly in game four of the ’72 Canada-Russia Summit Series. Instead of supporting their country’s team, they booed them non-stop. Espo gave them shit.

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