Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Vote?

I fought this in my mind since the beginning, when a website named The NHL Arena decided to hold a voting contest to decide which blog from each team would get to carry the banner of something. I’ve said it before many times – there’s many Habs blogs that are simply excellent in their own unique way.

But now I see it’s down to five Habs blogs from the original 17, it’s round three, and I’m still in it. So all I’m doing is what several of the others have done – posting the site Habs blog vote and hoping you’ll vote, in this case, for me. You have to register and all that, but anyway, hoping you’ll vote for me, if only just for an ego-boost.


12 thoughts on “Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Vote?”

  1. How come my blog isn’t up there? haha. Just kidding, i haven’t touched mine since last season.

    Good for you dennis. Only one vote behind the leader

  2. Dennis, since you have been a good boy this year, so voting for your site was the least I could do.
    Your ego will be boosted by the fact that you are now tied in first place with the Daily Hab-it with 26 votes.

    Hope you win fair and square – no hanging chads…

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  3. Thanks a lot, Phil. And to anyone out there who may not know, Phil’s a great Habs fan now living in China but who had grown up in Montreal. Phil’s one of my most consistant and knowledgeable readers and commentors. The Habs are world-wide.

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