Hey, Bathing Suits Can Be Expensive. What’s A Poor Guy To Do? Plus – Latendresse Ready To Go

This has to be the best year in a long, long time for Montreal Canadiens news. Players coming and going, tears and cheers, the team being sold, coaching changes, gangsters, partying, angry fans. Most of it’s unacceptable but that’s beside the point. At least it’s not boring. And now Chris Nilan, who toiled for nine straight years in Montreal, and then another later on after playing in New York and hellish Boston, gets busted for trying to steal a bathing suit!! Thank you hockey gods for allowing us to witness all this while we’re still alive. I think.

Guillaume Latendresse has signed a one-year deal with the Habs, and the question remains – Will he ever become a goal scorer? He had 16 in his first year, 16 in his second, and 14 last year. These aren’t numbers to rock hockey from its foundation. They’re only just okay numbers. Latendresse is not the new Lafleur.

The upcoming season would be an excellent time for Latendresse to break loose. He seems to have decent hands, and shows he can bump and thump. But wouldn’t thirty goals be nice? Wouldn’t a big contribution from a guy in his fourth year be something to behold? Come on Lats, you can do it. We’ll be watching. And if you want a nice, smooth-sailing arbitration hearing in a year from now, you might want to consider putting up some really good numbers to earn that raise. Otherwise, they’ll eat you alive at the hearing.

Latendresse was a healthy scratch for the odd game last season because he wasn’t putting out like he can, and now he’s decided on only a one-year deal instead of two because he wants to do the arbitration thing. Am I missing something?

Or has Bathingsuitgate made me all giddy and I’m not seeing the picture clearly?

8 thoughts on “Hey, Bathing Suits Can Be Expensive. What’s A Poor Guy To Do? Plus – Latendresse Ready To Go”

  1. About the bathing suit thing…. Nilan went down swinging!

    He’s still dropping the gloves!

    Or…. swinging anyway!

  2. I saw a documentary on NHL oldtimers and Nilan smokes like a chimney. He’s truly old-school.

  3. He ended up paying a fine of $100.00 for court fees. The important question is…..did they let him keep the bathing suit? As far as I know Tommy Bahama doesn’t manufacture speedos….so our old buddy Chris isn’t a total loser.

  4. I read the subject and was expecting a story about skinny dipping in the Powell River. I’m assuming there is such a river.

    I’m happy Latendresse is staying, he can be a good player. But to remain as the regular 2nd line winger he needs to put up better numbers. He probably knows he’s been underachieving; from my understanding he actually took a drop in salary for this coming year.

  5. Powell River has the second shortest river in the world. It’s called – “Powell River.”
    And I guess Latendresse feels he’s ready to breakout.

  6. So it became a $10,000 bathing suit when it was all said and done. But he’s a Bostonian, so there you go.

  7. If Latendresse could just play the power forward role that he was signed for in the first place, then maybe he’ll just hit the $1 million mark, otherwise I don’t expect to see him back next season.

  8. Power forward would be an excellent role for him but he hasn’t shown a lot of that yet. You’re absolutely right – and the Canadiens could sure use him in this role.

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